SuperSport’s DeHaven to Xpeed Helmets

January 16, 2012
Courtesy of Xpeed Helmet
2010 AMA Pro Supersport Champion Austin DeHaven is to wear the Xpeed XCF-3000 helmet throughout the 2012 season.
2010 AMA Pro Supersport Champion Austin DeHaven is to wear the Xpeed XCF-3000 helmet throughout the 2012 season.

Xpeed Helmets is pleased to announce it has signed 2010 AMA Pro Supersport Champion Austin DeHaven to wear the Xpeed XCF-3000 Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Helmet throughout his 2012 season where he will compete in the AMA Daytona Sport bike series aboard the Triple Crown Industries Yamaha R6.
“I am really excited about my switch to Xpeed Helmets. I wore the new XCF-3000 this past weekend in Fontana and I was amazed at how quiet and comfortable the fit is. The shell felt very small and compact, and the field of vision was excellent. I was even able to unfortunately crash test it for the first time and though I impacted the ground face first I had no injury at all. The helmet had a nice scrape across the front and face shield but I was completely fine. I was really pleased with its performance, as I won’t wear just anything and my safety, especially my head is extremely important to me and hopefully a long career in racing. I look forward to helping develop the XCF-3000 further throughout our partnership.” says Austin DeHaven #56

“Xpeed Helmets is very excited to have Austin DeHaven represent the Xpeed Helmet brand in 2012 in the AMA Daytona Sport bike class. I can’t wait for this year’s racing season to start, I do believe that Austin has a great shot at the championship in 2012. We all at Xpeed Helmets will be on the edge of our seats every weekend in anticipation of a great race weekend and Xpeed Helmets will be 100% in to support Austin on his battle for the #1 plate this year.” Says Ryan O’Hara National Sales & Rider Support Manager of Xpeed Helmets.

The new XCF-3000 Carbon Fiber/Kevlar helmet will be the Xpeed Helmet of choice for Austin to wear for the 2012 AMA season. Xpeed Helmets is proud to offer the motorcycle community a cutting edge light weight Carbon Fiber Kevlar helmet. This helmet uses the latest carbon fiber and Kevlar shell design and features improvements in air flow and rider usability as well as exceeding strict SNELL 2010 requirements as well as DOT. Xpeed Helmet is one of few helmet manufacturers to have access to unlimited wind tunnel testing. Xpeed Helmet owns their own manufacturing facility since 1998 and produces their own products from a prestigious factory in Korea where quality is always first and foremost.

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