Cornerspin Reveals ’12 Winter/Spring Schedule

February 1, 2012
Courtesy of Cornerspin
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“Road Racing in the Dirt” is offering a full spring schedule to help riders of all abilities prepare for their 2012 season. This type of training is the choice of top tier racers to enhance their skill set and prepare for riding at the limit. Students can find their own limits and experience many dynamics of chassis control in an environment with far less risk than pushing the limits at the racetrack or on the street.

The Cornerspin school has 12 fully prepared mini-bikes (DRZ125, TTR125 and CRF100’s) which are provided with instruction. Cornerspin is “cross training for road racers and road riders” using flat track and motard techniques on a variety of tracks to improve bike control and rider skill. The facility is set up to simulate many road and track conditions with over 20 configurations that include elevation changes, camber changes, fast transitions, esses, hairpins, sweepers and more.

Cornerspin: “Road Racing in the Dirt” operates on a permanent 25-acre facility located near the town of Spencer, North Carolina adjacent to Interstate 85. The Cornerspin training facility is located halfway between the metropolitan areas of Atlanta and Washington D.C..

Aaron Stevenson, CEO and Chief Instructor of Cornerspeed and Cornerspin, is the instructor for lectures as well as on bike demonstration. A rotating roster of instructors includes multi-discipline expert racers Ken Allen, Steven “XXX” Broadstreet, Chris “Hollywood” Cooke, Brent Mercer, Pete Moravek, Brian Kcraget and former Grand National Flat Tracker Michael Dillon. These instructors with their extensive riding background from numerous disciplines combined with their racing experience add key ingredients to further students understanding of bike control and racing. The small class size allows for ample one on one instruction and feedback during the two-day school.

2012 Winter/Spring Schedule (Summer & Fall schedule will be released in May):
Feb. 18-19 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
Mar. 10-11 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC (SOLD OUT)
Mar. 24-25 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
Apr. 7-8 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
Apr. 28-29 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
May 5-6 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
May 19-20 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC
June 9-10 Cornerspin facility, Spencer, NC

*Cornerspin is an outdoor facility and dates are subject to change based upon the severity of the weather.

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