Jamie James Talks to M1 About Big Kahuna

February 6, 2012
Courtesy of M1 Powersports
AMA Pro Racing

Jamie James has a storied career in American motorcycle road racing which includes multiple championships (1989 AMA SuperBike, 1989 AMA Superstock, 1994 AMA SuperSport and 1990 Battle of the Twins Grand Prix) and this week M1 PowerSports got a chance to catch up with the champ to talk about the Big Kahuna Triple Crown and his involvement with the Historic Moto Grand Prix.

M1: Jamie, I’m betting that you’re as excited as we are to be getting back to the track. What Big Kahuna are you looking forward to checking out this year?
JJ: I’m going to try and make it to Road Atlanta and New Orleans this year. You know I’ll be cooking up something real good for New Orleans.

M1: Remind me again, what are you going to be riding for the Historic Moto Grand Prix at Road Atlanta?
JJ: Well, I think they have me set up to ride the Yamamonster. I will be doing that and I look forward to getting out there and running around with Scott Russell and a bunch of the other competitors. I’m excited to get out there, have some fun and cut it up a little bit.

M1: Do you have any special memories of Road Atlanta from your career?
JJ: Haha, I’ve got good ones and bad ones. I won a championship there, and lost a championship there, but I’ve always loved that track, especially when it had the gravity cavity. That was always a thrill and one of my favorite sections of the racetrack. What would separate the men from the boys in the downhill section was how late you could stay on the gas till you braked going uphill, and by then the wheels would get really light and shake. Then you’d bottom out and G out. All this was happening in 10 seconds. It was a rush! I’m glad they took it away, because I always thought, that it would be the place that it would happen. I’m happy that they took it out when they did so not as many people got hurt.

M1:You’ve been to a few of the events that M1 has promoted in the past, tell us about them.
JJ: Sure, I think that they’ve treated me better and put on a better show than anyone else that I’ve seen. That’s my own opinion.

M1:What is your favorite part about M1 events? The Big Kahuna theme, sand and beach setup at victory lane, the girls in bikinis?
JJ: All of the above!! They work hard to put on a show and give the fans something for their money. People don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into accomplishing something like that, which is why I respect them so much. Cameron had to be a racer anyway, haha…

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