Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone Case Review

Justin Dawes | February 9, 2012
These days just about everyone has a smartphone and more often than not it’s an iPhone. Here in the SoCal MotoUSA offices, our iPhones are our lifelines to the head offices in Oregon, keeping us connected and available at all times. Day-in and day-out these high-tech, super glossy technological marvels are used and abused. With the amount of riding we do, more than our fair share of cellular devices have met their untimely end. We’ve tried several protective cases and most have done their jobs satisfactorily, but as gearheads we are always looking for something with more features and a more useful design.

Rokform Rokbed v3
The Rokform Rokbed v3 is designed and manufactured in the USA.

The minds at Two Brothers Racing have also been on the search for a better iPhone case. Just recently the exhaust manufacturer jumped into the lucrative case market with a new company called Rokform. Made in the USA, there are several models to choose from, built from polycarbonate, aluminum, magnesium and even 24-carat gold.

During a recent visit to the Two Brothers/Rokform HQ we got our iPhone-destroying mitts on the latest product – the Rokbed v3 iPhone case. Made from reinforced polycarbonate the v3 is a skeletal cage that slides over the iPhone 4/4s as two pieces that snap together tightly. The cutout areas on the case allow easy access to all the buttons and provide a secure grip. Additionally the plastic frame guards against the dreaded iPhone death grip. There are 13 colors to suit any taste from plain-Jane black to YZ-blue.

Included with the case is the patent pending Remote Mount System (RMS) that provides secure attachment to anything or anywhere that 3M tape can adhere to. We’ve slapped the included mount (more mounts can be purchased separately) to our long term Kawasaki ZX14, the dash of the MotoUSA van and even our glass desks. The four pronged mount slips into the back of the case with ease and locks securely with a 1/8th of a turn.

Just below the RMS mount opening is a non-slip grip that keeps your phone from sliding off of smooth surfaces. An optional rare earth magnet can be fitted inside the non-slip grip allowing an additional mounting option to any ferrous surface. It’s quite handy for sticking the phone to a Harley-Davidson frame or tank so you can talk on speakerphone while wrenching or polishing.

Rokform Rokbed v3
The Remote Mounting System makes attaching the Rokbed v3 to any flat surface a snap.

All this adds up to a very cool case that has some features not found in you local Mac store. But I’m sure by now you are all screaming, “How well does it protect?” Well I found out first hand more than once in the last few weeks of using the Rokbed v3. The worst drop I’ve exposed the case to amounted to a fumble while exiting my excessively lifted Ford F350. The case took the hit to the chunky asphalt with a solid bounce. Of course the iPhone survived, but the real surprise was the lack of damage to the case itself. Not a scratch could be found.

The only downfall of the Rokform Rokbed v3’s open design allows dirt and grime to accumulate on the surface of the phone. And of course it is not waterproof. That’s not too much of a problem as the case is easy to remove for regular cleanings. And if I drop my phone in the toilet, I wouldn’t be using it again if it survived anyway. At $39 it reasonably priced, and cheap insurance for all your daily adventures and moto-escapades.


Justin Dawes

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