Ultimate Builder Show Chicago Results 2012

February 14, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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DD Custom Cycles swapped out the stock fairing on 2012 Black Gold Glide for one from Paul Yaffe  then ran a set of Ghost bars  and increased the rake on the front end to accommodate the 26-inch front hoop.
Brian Szubinski’s 2012 Black Gold Glide won the FreeStyle Class at the Chicago Ultimate Custom Builder Show. He sought the help of DD Custom Cycles who swapped out the stock fairing for one from Paul Yaffe, ran a set of Ghost bars, and increased the rake on the front end to accommodate the 26-inch front hoop.
The murdered-out TC 103 of the FreeStyle winner in Chicago.

Baggers ruled the roost in Chicago at the Ultimate Custom Builder Bike Show as modified Harley Street Glides swept both the FreeStyle and the Modified Harley Class. Brian Szubinski’s 2012 Black Gold Glide struck gold as the murdered-out bagger rolled its huge 26-inch front wheel into Chi-Town and rode away with the $3000 top prize as winner of the FreeStyle Class while Jimmy Robertson’s 2007 FLHX cruised to victory and a $2000 payday in the Modified Harley Class for an equally striking stretched and slammed Street Glide.

Brian Szubinski incorporated the help of the guys at DD Custom Cycles to transform his 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide from factory to first place finisher. They swapped out the stock fairing for one from Paul Yaffe, ran a set of Ghost bars, and increased the rake on the front end to accommodate the 26-inch front hoop. The stock tank has been replaced with a stretched DD steel tank and rear fender. This keeps the look of the rear’s stretched bags in proportion. Legends air ride slams the backside to the ground.

The motorcycle’s stock Twin Cam 103 has been blacked-out with a gritty powdercoat as has the DD Custom Cycles hand-built exhaust. A Rinehart air cleaner provides increased air flow to the pumped up mill which has performance cams and headwork. When people say this is one hot ride, they ain’t just whistling Dixie because the Black Gold Glide has a push button-powered flame thrower. I know there have been a few instances in traffic where I wish the bike I was riding had a flame thrower, but that’s a different story.

The winner of Chicago’s Modified Harley Class had a similar stance to the FreeStyle champion. Built by Native Custom Baggers, the 2007 FLXH runs an ultra-tall 26-inch front wheel draped by a big custom-cut front fender. Its custom saddlebags are stretched in comparison to stock and it rolls on air ride suspension front and back, but Native Custom Baggers dressed up the engine compartment in chrome instead of giving it the blacked-out treatment. A Sano paint design and a thumpin’ audio system make the custom ’07 Street Glide a sight to see and hear. Native Custom Baggers prevented DD Custom Cycles’ from sweeping the top two categories as DD captured second place in the Modified Harley class with its 2009 H-D Rocker C.

Baggers ruled in Chicago! This 2007 FLXH has air ride suspension  a 26-inch front hoop  custom fenders  stretched saddlebags and a boomin audio system. Tony Prusts 1973 Yamaha RD350 won top honors in the Retro Mod Class in Chicago. Ricky Rays Hyper 1 is a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa with turbo  an extended swingarm  and custom wheels  brakes and rotors.
(L) Baggers ruled in Chicago! This 2007 FLXH has air ride suspension, a 26-inch front hoop, custom fenders, stretched saddlebags and a boomin’ audio system. (M) Tony Prust’s 1973 Yamaha RD350 won top honors in the Retro Mod Class. (R) Ricky Ray’s ‘Hyper 1’ is a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa with turbo, an extended swingarm, and custom wheels, brakes and rotors.

You expect the winner of the Performance Custom Class winner to put out ground-shaking power, right? The winner of the Chicago round didn’t disappoint with its 2009 turbo Suzuki Hayabusa. Allan Knapp of Redefine Cycles put his touch on Ricky Ray’s super ‘Busa called Hyper 1. Ray came close to winning the class in last year’s show, finishing in 2nd place, and his efforts to take his 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1300R to the next level paid off as he won the class this year with his ground-hugging drag bike. The rear wheel sits at the end of an extended swingarm but custom bodywork matches the stretch of the rear to keep the bike’s aesthetics balanced. The dash has a dizzying array of added gauges to go along with its turbo while its controls, wheels, brakes and rotors are all custom billet pieces.

Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles finishes off the list of winners at the Chicago Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show after claiming top honors in the Retro Mod Class. Prust’s entry, a custom 1973 Yamaha RD350 called S2RD, is what he calls a Café Bobber. The 348cc two-stroker has a neck tube from a Ducati S2R which allowed him to switch to an S2R fork and triple tree. He replaced the rear hub and rim on the rear for ones from a Yamaha TX250 GP bike in order to upgrade the stock drum brake to disc. He then put in a linked braking system where the Brembo calipers are both

Dell Battle of One Off Inc.s 2003 Harley Fat Boy won Chicagos Peoples Choice award.
Dell Battle of One Off Inc. proudly accepts the ‘People’s Choice’ award in Chicago for his custom 2003 Harley Fat Boy above.
Dell Battle proudly accepts his Peoples Choice award in Chicago.

actuated by the foot lever. Prust switched out the cable for a hydraulic clutch conversion and ran the throttle assembly internally. The two-stroker’s engine is predominantly stock, but it does have aftermarket expansion chambers. Compact and clean, Analog Motorcycles’ S2RD looks like it’d be a blast to ride. Evidently, the judges thought so too, awarding it with the $1000 prize as winner of Chicago’s Retro Mod Class. Prust beat out a tough competitor in Gio, whose 1977 GL1000 Gold Wing, “El Vaquero,” has already won its share of Ultimate Builder laurels and almost did it again in Chicago. Gio and BlackSmith Motoring Co. still earned second place in the Retro Modified Class.

The final laurels of the day went to Dell Battle of One Off Inc. whose 2003 Harley Fat Boy won Chicago’s “People’s Choice” award. Battle wanted everything on the bike to be “fat” to match its name, so the modifying touches were done with this theme in mind as he had the fenders widened , the tank stretched, and a custom headlight housing fobbed up with everything made from metal. High hangin’ apes and some twisted pipes balance out Battle’s Fat Boy. Best part is, the bike’s owner logs plenty of miles on this bad boy instead of hiding it out in a garage and only breaking it out on special occasions.

The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows head down the homestretch as it visits Charlotte, South Carolina from February 24-26 before finishing up the tour in Daytona Beach during Bike Week 2012. That means you’ve still got a chance to enter to win the custom 2011 Honda Fury we’re giving away as sponsors of the “People’s Choice” award. If you’re at the show, vote for your personal favorite and you’re automatically entered to win. Scope out our 2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike article to see details of the bike. There’s two more rounds left, so be sure to check out the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

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