Yoshimura R & D Announces UTV Exhaust

February 20, 2012
Courtesy of Yoshimura R & D of America
Yoshimuras performance exhausts and hard parts are now available for the ATVs and UTVs and are made to be durable and functional.
Yoshimura’s performance exhausts and hard parts are now available for the ATV’s and UTV’s and are made to be durable and functional.

Yoshimura R&D of America is proud to announce a line of performance exhausts and hard parts for the extremely popular UTV market. In recent years, UTVs and Side x Sides have emerged as one of the top off-road sports. We were excited for the opportunity to put our knowledge, skill, and craftsmanship forth and develop performance products for these machines. In order to produce the most functional and durable products available, we had to find someone who could test and abuse them on a regular basis. No one fit the bill better than William Yokley of Yokley Racing. William is no stranger to riding or the podium. He began riding as a child, racing by age 15, and has since captured several ATV and UTV Championships, including the Baja 1000.
Yoshimura has been working intently with Yokley Racing to develop parts specific to racing, while also benefiting the weekend warrior. Because we take racing very seriously, we utilized the best technological equipment available. Through the use of high-tech data acquisition and GPS tracking technology, similar to those used in Formula One racing, we’ve developed the best performing products in the industry. With additional input from Yokley and his team, we’ve tuned intakes, exhausts, engines, engine management, and fuel – everything conceivable for the best performance possible. Yoshimura is proud to play a role in the development of UTV performance and racing.

The RS-8 slip-ons are manufactured from polished 304 stainless steel and feature a deep draw polished stainless steel end cap. The muffler itself is quite innovative. It features multi-staged construction that starts with a straight baffle that initially flows into a large volume perforated baffle chamber. From there gases flow into a floating baffle that is integrated into the end cap. In side the floating baffle is a USFS approved spark arrester. Low 96dB sound levels keep the RS-8 friendly on the trails. The overall design produces big increases in power and torque.

The RS-4 is a technological marvel and packed with features, like a Carbon Fiber end cap a first in the UTV market, a USFS approved spark arrestor, Yoshimura’s exclusive Duplex resonance chamber and 2-stage stepped internal baffle, this effectively acts as a mechanical system and in turn improves power while lowering dbs.

The RS-2D (Dual Muffler) is a really versatile and very potent pipe. It is basically an evolution of our original TRC design but with a slightly different (pyramidal) shape that features increased volume. The volume enables a quieter system and larger cores; this in turn increases power and power delivery. Comes with a USFS approved spark arrestor.

Yoshimura will have a host of slip-on, full systems and hard parts available soon for the most popular makes, models and applications.

2008-2011 POLARIS RZR 800/S/4 

Stainless RS-8 Slip-On
Part Number: 394002G550
MSRP – $480

Stainless RS-8 Full System
Part Number: 394000G551
MSRP – $645

2011-2012 POLARIS RZR XP 900

Stainless RS-4 Slip-On
Part Number: 399002D520
MSRP – $580 

Stainless RS-4 Full System
Part Number: 399000D520
MSRP – $799


Carbon Fiber Intake Scoops
Part Number: 902CF399000
MSRP – $225.00

Carbon Fiber Mirror Kit
Part Number: 901CF399000
MSRP – $299 

Aluminum Racing Roof (Stock Roll Cage)
Part Number: 907XX399000
MSRP – $399.00

Aluminum Wind Deflector
Part Number: 906XX399000
MSRP – $125.00 

Radiator Roost Guard
Part Number: 905BG399000
MSRP – $110.00

2008-2009 YAMAHA RHINO 700

Stainless RS-8 Slip-On
Part Number: 337002G550
MSRP – $480

Stainless RS-2 Dual Full System
Part Number: 2362500
MSRP – $795

2005-2007 YAMAHA RHINO 660

Stainless RS-8 Slip-On
Part Number: 336002G550
MSRP – $480 

Stainless RS-2 Dual Full System
Part Number: 2361500
MSRP – $795

2008-2011 KAWASAKI TERYX 750

Stainless RS-8 Slip-On
Part Number: 346002G550
MSRP – $480

Stainless RS-2 Dual Full System
Part Number: 346000F552
MSRP – $899


Stainless RS-8 Slip-On
Part Number: 390502G501
MSRP – $480 

Stainless RS-8 3/4 Full System
Part Number: 390504G500
MSRP – $645

Please see www.yoshimura-rd.com/t-NP_12_UTV_Products.aspx for applications and updates.

These products are designed, manufactured, intended, and sold for use on vehicles that are operated only on closed course racing circuits unless otherwise noted. Use of these products on public roads or lands is strictly prohibited and may be a violation of local, state, or federal laws. Products intended for use on vehicles operated on public roads or lands are clearly so indicated.