AMA Homestead Test Practice Day 1 2012

March 20, 2012
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Following last weekend’s season opener at Daytona International Speedway many AMA competitors traveled south to Miami, Florida for a two-day test at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The NASCAR circuit routinely holds amateur road races but for ’12 it is hosting a national the last weekend in September.

In the Superbike class, Blake Young finished the day the quickest, narrowly edging out Roger Hayden for bragging rights. Ben Bostrom was behind Hayden but in front of Daytona Superbike Race 1 winner, Josh Hayes. Danny Eslick, riding the V-Twin powered Erik Buell Racing entry was fifth fastest. Veteran road racer Jake Zemke was also riding a Buell for testing purposes and recorded the 15th fastest time.

In the Daytona Sportbike class Cameron Beaubier ended the day the fastest ahead of Martin Cardenas who transferred back to the 600cc class after a positive rookie year in Superbike. Tommy Hayden is filling in for Garrett Gerloff, who broke his leg at Daytona, recorded the third best time. Absent from the test was Daytona 200 winner, Joey Pascarella as his team hadn’t planned on competing at this round due to economics.

In the Supersport class Jake Lewis just barely edged out James Rispoli for the fastest lap time. Corey Alexander and Daytona winner, Elena Myers were third and fourth respectively ahead of Stefano Mesa and Hayden Gillim.


1. Blake Young (Suzuki) 1’21.987
2. Roger Hayden (Suzuki) 1’22.132
3. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki) 1’22.159
4. Josh Hayes (Yamaha) 1’22.564
5. Danny Eslick (Buell) 1’23.897
6. Chris Clark (Suzuki) 1’23.010
7. Josh Herrin (Yamaha) 1’23.027
8. Larry Pegram (BMW) 1’23.141
9. Geoff May (Buell) 1’23.243
10. Robertino Pietri (Suzuki) 1’23.452
11. Stefan Nebel (KTM) 1’23.780
12. Chris Fillmore (KTM) 1’23.856
13. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki) 1’23.940
14. David Anthony (Suzuki) 1’24.113
15. Jake Zemke (Buell) 1’24.115


1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) 1’24.887
2. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki) 1’25.637
3. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha) 1’25.786
4. Dane Westby (Suzuki) 1’26.116
5. Jake Gagne (Yamaha) 1’26.333
6. Jason DiSalvo (Triumph) 1’26.525
7. Benny Solis (Suzuki) 1’26.639
8. Cory West (Suzuki) 1’26.946
9. Austin DeHaven (Yamaha) 1’27.070
10. J.D. Beach (Yamaha) 1’27.197
11. Huntley Nash (Yamaha) 1’27.532
12. Paul Allison (Yamaha) 1’27.752
13. David Gaviria (Yamaha) 1’27.788
14. Fernando Amantini (Kawasaki) 1’27.939
15. Travis Wyman (Suzuki) 1’28.333


1. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) 1’27.020
2. James Rispoli (Suzuki) 1’27.082
3. Corey Alexander (Suzuki) 1’27.417
4. Elena Myers (Suzuki) 1’27.542
5. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha) 1’27.580
6. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) 1’27.621
7. Travis Oghe (Yamaha) 1’27.938
8. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha) 1’28.554
9. Rocco Horvath (Yamaha) 1’29.091
10. Cody Wyman (Suzuki) 1’29.872
11. Lucas Huff (Yamaha) 1’31.298
12. Nadr Riad (Yamaha) 1’31.695

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