EVS Revolution 5 Roost Guard Review

Adam Waheed | March 1, 2012

Mammoth Motocross Day 3

Chest protection is an absolute must when racing dirt bikes. Problem is many roost guards are bulky and awkward feeling which can compromise comfort. Not with the EVS Revolution 5 Roost Guard – 2012. This upper body safety component offers a sleek, lightweight design with an adequate padding and ventilation.
Based off the EVS Nitro Circus Revolution 4 Roost Guard, the Revolution 5 is assembled from two foam pads: one at the front covering the chest and shoulders, and another smaller pad at the back. Both pads are reinforced with plastic plates for added protection. Additionally plastic cups on the shoulders provide an additional degree security. The Revolution 5 is one-size-fits all but incorporates an elastic strap at the waist to ensure a proper fit. It fit my 42-inch chest properly but might be too large for most women, children or smaller riders.
The Revolution 5 is designed to be worn inside or outside of a riding jersey; however, we prefer to wear it inside as it feels more natural and appears cleaner too. The Revo 5 can be worn with neck protection though it does comprise fit slightly due to the way it wraps around the rider’s neck and shoulders.
Even on warmer days the foam breathes well but during prolonged use it tends to irritate those with sensitive nipples. Protection-wise the roost guard does an adequate job of shielding the rider’s upper body from flying dirt and rocks thrown by riders up front, even at rocky tracks like Mammoth. Although it doesn’t provide quite as much impact protection as a conventional roost guard (you can still feel the occasional sting of rocks on the side of your body where there isn’t any plastic) considering its size and freedom of movement, we actually prefer to a standard plastic roost guard.
The Revolution 5 quickly accumulates rider dirt and sweat, but can be freshened up in a non-agitating wash machine or simply with a bucket of soap and water. After a handful or rides EVS’s roost guard has held up well with all plastic rivets and stiches staying together. If you’re looking for reasonably priced chest protection that offers good freedom of movement the Revo 5 is the solution.

EVS Revolution 5 Highs & Lows
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Slim design
  • Adequate roost protection
  • Only one size
  • Fit / compatibility issues with some neck braces

The EVS Revolution 5 Roost Guard – 2012 is available from Motorcycle-Superstore.com
MSRP: $85.95


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