Forward CRT Jerez Team Presentation

March 21, 2012
Courtesy of Forward Racing
Colin Edwards is now on the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team for the MotoGP Series with Alex De Anegis and Yuki Takahashi.
Colin Edwards posed with his NGM Mobile Forward Racing BMW/Suter CRT for the MotoGP Series.

NGM Mobile Forward Racing made its team presentation at the Jerez circuit, where it will participate in the official MotoGP tests. Grand Prix veteran Colin Edwards noted at the presentation that the BMW/Suter CRT mount is making developmental progress. Edwards and Randy de Puniet, on the Aprilia-based Team Aspar CRT, have been posted the most competitive lap times of the new CRT bikes during pre-season testing – MCUSA Ed

NGM Mobile hosted its team presentation at the Circuito de Jerez´s emblematic round platform. For the very first time in this season we all three riders got together for the unveiling of their Superbikes “new look” for this 2012.

Colin Edwards – 5- MotoGP CRT
“I would like to apologize for being late. Apparently there is an even bigger tornado than me in Texas that delayed my flight! Jokes aside, I am very happy to be here today and to be part of this new adventure (CRT) with the team. We have started off working a lot on the development of the bike and especially on the electronics. At the first test we are about 60% of the development of the bike and now we are at about 92% 93%. Our objective is to keep working and get good results.”

Alex De Aneglis – 15- Moto2
“I have known Giovanni Cuzari (Media Action’s CEO and team owner) for three years not and he has always wanted me to be part of his team and three years later we are finally working together. I am very happy with my choice. I know that for the past year and a half I have been riding a different bike and that now I have to adapt my riding style to my Suter bike but I believe that we can work really well together. I look Forward to this season.”

Yuki Takahashi – 72- Moto2
“In the past I have ridden in 125cc, in some 250cc races and even in MotoGP and Moto2 teams. I am happy to be here, the bike is good, the team is good and we can make many things together this season. We have had a busy pre season where we have tried many different things to find a good setting. I hope to have a good start of the season and keep up the good work of the team.”

Giovanni Cuzari – CEO OF Media Action/ Team Owner of Forward Racing
“In 2012 I immediately believed in the launch of the new category of Moto2. Almost immediately I realized the great possibilities that this new rules offered in terms of providing exciting races. In my opinion it was a great idea on Dorna´s part and hence Carmelo’s. Today I think we can say that the Moto2 races are spectacular: the grid is full (maybe a little too much!) and the show is always guaranteed. So, today we’re here to officially present our entry into MotoGP … “taking one more step forward” … I think the CRT will, with time, have the same success that Moto2 experienced in 2012. Of course like all rookies at the beginning we will suffer a bit but time will prove us right and hopefully bring many satisfactions with the CRT.”

Marco Curioni – Managing Director NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team
“This year with the CRT class and the new rules, we see a great opportunity offered by Mr. Carmelo Ezpleta, to have extensive visibility in this class, the concrete possibility to be among those who will write the rules of the future of the MotoGP races. It also provides us with the best way to give back to the sponsors their investment in this sport, the tools and means to recover their investments through great visibility.”

Stefano Nesi – CEO President of NGM Italia
“NGM is synonymous of research and innovation able to handle and win challenges in different and competitive contests everyday. In the mobile world our effort has been to introduce in a mature and complex market the Dual SIM system that gave us the chance of conquering top position in Italy. Today we are proud of seeing the first Moto GP CRT bike, officially announced in occasion of the last Misano Grand Prix, ready to run in the name of NGM. We’re sure that the news we are carrying on, together with an international loved champion such as Colin Edwards, will give us very important results and visibility towards a young and passionate public as the World Championship’s one. The presence of our team with two ambitious pilots in the Moto 2 class will help us to have a great chance during the all day, helping out our brand to prove itself in Italy and conquer important market places in the countries where NGM will distribute mobile phones “

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