Icon Women’s Street Angel Helmet Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | March 8, 2012
With its combination of eye-catching graphics and sun-catching trim around the top vents, it’s easy to overlook that the Icon Airframe Street Angel Helmet for women meets world standards. The DOT out of the US, Europe’s ECE, Australia’s SAI and Japan’s SG have all put their stamp of approval on it. The Airframe Street Angel’s shell features

Icon Womens Airframe Street Angel Helmet
The Icon Women’s Airframe Street Angel Helmet meets world standards for safety, is equipped with Icon’s ‘SuperVent’ system for outstanding air flow and has graphics that are girlie without being overly foo-foo.
Icon Womens Airframe Street Angel Helmet back
Available in pink or black, the Icon Women’s Airframe Street Angel Helmet lists for $330.
Icon Womens Airframe Street Angel Helmet

layers of fiberglass, Dyneema and carbon fiber to meet these standards. Inside it’s well-padded courtesy of a dual density EPS liner tucked out of sight behind mesh and padded Hydradry liners. Fortunately, we haven’t had to crash test it, but we’ve got full confidence the Street Angel is built durably enough that it would protect noggins in case of an unfortunate get-off.

As far as practicality, with exception to the non-adjustable air vents on the sides of the chin, the overall airflow is wonderful with its combination of intake vents (two side, one chin and top vents) and rear exit vents. The variety of vents allows for a high level of adjustability to the air flow. The tabs to open and close the vents were easy enough to operate with gloved fingers. The only thing our tester really didn’t like about the Icon Street Angel helmet are the two air intakes to the left and right of the chin which cannot be adjusted when riding. During cold Oregon winter months, riders want their helmets to block out as much wind as possible. Even though the mesh vent design looks great from the outside, she suggested it would be nice if it had a small slider switch on the outside to adjust while in motion. With its chin curtain and locking visor, the helmet doesn’t let in an abundance of ambient noise though and didn’t inhibit her hearing much.

The Hydradry Liner on the inside is removable for cleaning which is a must have for girls! As our tester said, “We like our makeup, but not in our helmet.” The padded interior provides plenty of comfort without being too thick. It’s thicker around the neck, temples, forehead, and cheeks, but seems to have more room up top for girl’s hair. The overall fit is comfortable but the helmet sat low on her forehead when leaning forward on a sportbike which she found to be a bit irritating when trying to see. When riding upright on a cruiser or as a passenger, it’s not an issue though. She also wasn’t impressed with the quality of the light plastic the top vent tubes are made of because it could break easily.

Our test rider commented that it’s not the easiest helmet to swap out shields on. It takes a lot of force for little fingers to push in the orange locking levers which hold the visor into place back and forth. The design of the Prolock shield lock system itself is straightforward and the sideplates snap off easy enough, but the locking levers only peek out about half an inch when the visor is up and there’s not a lot of surface space to leverage your fingers on.

As far as its graphic scheme, our rider said she likes the design because it is girlish without being too over the top. The base design is a black and dark grey floral pattern that’s almost unnoticeable. Covering this is angelic wings on both sides which lends a touch of softness while the red heart on the back adds a feminine touch. The padding design on the inside continues the helmet’s femininity with black and white flower print fabric. Personally, she thinks this is the best looking women’s helmet out there, but tastes are subjective. All we know is that whenever our tester goes riding now, the Street Angel is the first lid she reaches for.

The Icon Women’s Airframe Street Angel Helmet gets high marks for venting, comfort, protection, and is fairly lightweight. According to our tester, the design of the helmet is “beautiful” and even though she’s had it for months now, she still raves about it. Icon’s smart enough to know that all girls aren’t into pink, so they offer it in black, too. A quality lid at a decent price for the ladies out there who take their riding seriously.

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Available in Pink or black – X-Small to 2X-Large
MSRP $330


MotorcycleUSA Staff