Motorcycle Superstore Project H-D Bagger

March 6, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Motorcycle Superstore Road Glide
The Motorcycle Superstore is teaming up with ThunderStruck Custom Bikes on a H-D Road Glide project to demonstrate what just about any rider can do to customize their bagger within the friendly confines of their garage. Here’s a peek at one of the potential paint and graphic schemes.

Motorcycle-Superstore and Mark Daley of ThunderStruck Custom Bikes have teamed up to build a special Harley-Davidson bagger that will demonstrate how the “Everyman” rider can turn their motorcycle into something unique and distinct. With a plethora of aftermarket parts to choose from, narrowing the scope of the project is one of the biggest challenges, but before it’s over, they’re looking to create a custom one-off bagger that just about anybody with basic mechanical knowledge and a little patience can pull off.

The project starts with a stock 2012 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Tucker Rocky has provided as a palette for customization. Baggers have been one of the hottest commodities in the motorcycle industry for the last few years, so what better bike to start with than Harley’s popular bagger? And while the project will demonstrate what can be done by just about anybody in their garage, Motorcycle Superstore has enlisted the services of talented custom bike builder Mark Daley to serve as their “Everyman.” Daley will take you along every step of the way as the Road Glide makes it metamorphosis from common to custom. Having world class custom bike building skills, Daley intends on going above and beyond by adding a few of his personal touches along the way. Besides, a few of the steps should only be tackled by a trained professional, like tearing into the engine, so it’s good to have somebody as skillful as Daley on board.

ThunderStrucks Mark Daley works on the Motorcycle Superstore project bike.
Custom bike builder extraordinaire, Mark Daley of Thunder Struck Customs, has already torn into the Road Glide’s engine, swapping out the stock heads for an S&S 106″ Big Bore Kit.

Look for a series of articles and videos on the Motorcycle Superstore Road Glide project bike over the next few months on Motorcycle USA. The bike is on the lift, the first round of parts have arrived, and we were up at Daley’s the other day as he began tearing into the engine. We watched him swap out the stock heads for an S&S Cycle 106″ Big Bore Kit. As much as we like Harley’s Twin Cam 103 V-Twin, a little bump up in displacement never hurts, right?

We can’t give away too much yet, but can say this baby is gonna be one hot rod bagger. It will be slammed to the ground courtesy of air ride suspension, Ride Wright is stepping up to the plate with some wicked wheels that will be debuting on the project, Arlen Ness Parts is providing a clean contrast-cut fork that isn’t even in their catalog yet, and Dunlop is coming through with tires for the project. After the motorcycle is complete, Motorcycle Superstore intends on showing it around the country at events like the Laguna Seca GP, the Sturgis Rally, and at next year’s Dealer Show.

To further whet the appetite, Motorcycle Superstore’s graphic guru Brian Chamberlain has provided a mock-up of what the paint and graphic design could potentially be. Of course, this is just a mock-up, so the final design has yet to be set in stone. But it gives you an idea of the direction the project is headed. Stay tuned for more good stuff to come on the Harley-Davidson Road Glide project courtesy of the Motorcycle-Superstore, ThunderStruck Custom Bikes and Motorcycle USA.

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