Rapp/Attack Performance Hit Daytona

March 16, 2012
Courtesy of M1 Powersports
Steve Rapp returned to Daytona aboard the Motorcycle Superstore Attack Performance Kawasaki. Here Rapp chats with Mr. Daytona himself.
Steve Rapp returned to Daytona aboard the Motorcycle Superstore/Attack Performance Kawasaki. Here Rapp chats with Mr. Daytona himself.

LeoVince USA is proud to announce its continued sponsorship of Attack Performance as they partner to form the new MC Superstore / LeoVince/ Big Kahuna /Attack Performance Team.

Heading into 2012 Attack Performance had secured an agreement with a major OEM to develop a Superbike team with Pilot Steve Rapp back in the saddle.

Moving forward on this premise the team had begun to secure sponsorships and prepare to make a charge at the 2012 AMA Pro SuperBike championship. All of this came to a crumbling halt on February 17th as the team was notified by the manufacturer that the decision had been made to not campaign the 2012 season.

Resourceful team owner Richard Stanboli began to formulate the available options and piece together what would be needed to move the effort forward. The decision was made to campaign the 2011 Kawasaki ZX10’s and with no OEM support it was decided these bikes would be clad in satin black unbranded bodywork, thus giving birth to the name “Black Ops” with the team officially referring to the motorcycle as the AP10.

Having explained the situation to Tim Calhoun, Executive V.P. at LeoVince they immediately began to reach out to industry leaders to try and find the support and financial backing to make a run at Daytona and beyond.

They contacted Cameron Gray at M1 PowerSports to explain the situation. LeoVince and M1 have teamed up for many years on the Big Kahuna races and LeoVince will again team up as a presenting sponsor of the Big Kahuna Triple Crown for 2012. It was an easy decision for Gray whose passion for racing and the teams who make it happen runs deep. Calhoun states: “He didn’t flinch for a second and jumped in with both feet, he understands the importance of gridding a competitive field in the premier class.” Next up the team contacted Tim Clark of Motorcycle Superstore. With a rich background in promoting Tim has been building and expanding Motorcycle Superstores presence in American racing the last several years. They have impacted amateur national motocross, AMA Pro Flat Track and are a class title sponsor for 2012 in the AMA Pro Road Racing Motorcycle-Superstore.com SuperSport class.

Calhoun states: “After a brief conversation with Tim Clark he set a lunch meeting with Don Becklin, Motorcycle Superstore CEO and a quick decision was made to back the teams effort.” Calhoun continues: “Don and his staff had worked with Steve Rapp in the past on some projects and they wanted to support both the team and Steve in there efforts to get to Daytona for the season opener.”

For LeoVince there was never a doubt in supporting the Attack Performance effort. Having now worked with Stanboli and Attack since 2008 they have proved a formidable pairing. “We have hit the winners circle together many times since then and look to hit it many times in the near future,” Calhoun states. “With Richard’s strict discipline, methodical approach and engineering background he has been an exceptional partner for feedback and development. After Steve’s performance at New Jersey last year and his recent winning performance at Fontana we were itching to let Steve show this bike’s full potential. Anyone who has worked with Richard or Steve knows they are class acts who always deliver their best effort.”

After day one practice, things are looking great for the team running in P7 as the bike’s settings continue to get dialed in. Stanboli states: “Looking at our splits we are confident we have the package to squeeze into the top four or five spots and be positioned for a good race start.”

Stanboli continues: “Having witnessed the early success Steve has had with this bike along with the consistent top trap speeds we were able to generate last year in AMA Pro, we feel the Black Ops AP10 will be highly competitive and hope to showcase that.” Stanboli concludes with: “I want to thank the partners that have stepped forward to let us get the season rolling. We are still looking for both a title and additional associate sponsors for 2012 in order to finish the entire AMA Pro SuperBike campaign. We are hoping our efforts at Daytona will pay off and garner this team the attention we need to deliver good marketing value to our current sponsors and those looking to back a winning team.”

To inquire about Race Team Sponsorship opportunities please contact Richard Stanboli at Attack Performance 5382 Commercial Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: 1-714-373-4100

For more information about LeoVince Race Team Sponsorships and all of our superior products logon to www.LeoVinceUSA.com, email info@leovinceusa.com or call 510-232-4040 to speak with a LeoVince USA product specialist.

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