2012 Hypersport Motorcycle Shootout Conclusion

Adam Waheed | April 30, 2012

Adam Waheed – 6’0”, 175 pounds – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R 

I’ve always loved Suzuki’s Hayabusa. For sure it isn’t the

While the brakes worked fine on the street at the track they would faded during hard use.
The 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R was the clear victor in the Hypersport Shootout.

best looking bike on the road but it’s so big and over the top that I love riding it. I enjoy the stretched out seating position and it’s one of the few motorcycles I can ride that makes me feel like a smaller rider. Overall it’s a great machine: fast and easy to ride it just lacks a little bit of feel and responsiveness which make it not quite as friendly to ride as the others. But if I came across a good deal on one I wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase. The BMW is one of my all-time favorite sportbikes and it is one hell of a machine. Only problem is that it’s just too uncomfortable to ride every day. And that’s where the Kawasaki really excels. Not only is it fast as hell, it is mega comfy and with its well sorted electronics, it feels like you could ride it with both hands tied behind your back. It really is the ultimate Hypersport bike and the machine I would purchase.


Adam Waheed

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