Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag Review

Justin Dawes | April 3, 2012
As moto-journalists we often have to carry more luggage than the average Joe when it comes time to hit the skies. The amount of stuff you have to lug around the world is tough to manage at times. Not only do we need to bring clothing to last for a week on the road, but we also have riding gear – sometimes more than one set. Usually this entails carting two roller bags through the airport along with a rolling camera bag and a tripod bag. I’m sure a look like the Clampetts headed for Beverly Hills as I struggle to wheel my mountain of baggage through the main concourse. Thankfully a few months ago, Alpinestars hooked me up with the XL Transition Gear Bag, and now my trips to the airport are much easier.

Alpinestars XL Transitions Gear bag
The Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag can hold a full set of gear and still have room for more.

Constructed of ballistic nylon and contrasting 600D polyester, this gear bag is massive. With an internal capacity of 23.25 gallons (88 liters) there is enough room for any set of gear with room to spare. The main storage area is divided into three compartments. In the center is a cavernous chamber that can fit at least two sets of leathers or four to five sets of motocross gear. I actually nest a medium sized clothing bag on top of my gear in this section and remove it when I reach my hotel. On either end is a place for boots and a helmet. Side pockets run down the left and right side and have enough room for gloves, goggles and miscellaneous items. There is also an extra large waterproof changing mat that zips away underneath the main compartment.

Not only can the XL Transition Gear Bag carry your entire bedroom, it will keep it all safe and sound while it gets manhandled on its way to your final destination. A hard internal base with external side rails help the bag keep its shape while rubber bumpers protect the corners. Additionally the interior is padded for a little more protection.

The telescoping double post handle is sturdy and doesn’t wobble or flex when the bag is fully loaded and the wheels roll smoothly over most surfaces. Three heavy-duty handles provide plenty of lifting options.

But lift with your back! With a bag this big it is easy to exceed the maximum weight for checked baggage for domestic and international flights. More than once I’ve been stung with an additional fee for exceeding the 50-pound limit, sometimes to the tune of $100 a pop. At 38-inches long, 18-inches wide and 18-inches tall it just skates under the dimensions that would classify it as an oversize bag.

After six months of abuse and tens of thousands of traveling miles the Alpinestars XL Transition Gear Bag looks as new as the day I got it. All my other bags now play second fiddle when it’s time to move a large amount of gear. At $219.95 it’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny when I’m able to carry everything I need for a long trip in one bag.

The Alpinestars XL Transition Roller Bag is available from
MSRP: $219.95


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