AMA Pro Racing Road Atlanta Friday 2012

April 20, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Josh Hayes defends his American SuperBike title aboard the Monster Energy Graves Yamaha R1.
Josh Hayes claimed provisional pole in American SuperBike as AMA Pro Racing action kicks off at Road Atlanta.

Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes took the provisional pole position after Friday’s qualifying session at Road Atlanta. Rival Blake Young of Yoshimura Racing was close on his heels, posting a best lap time within two-tenths of a second of the Mississippi native. Team Amsoil/Hero rider Geoff May, grabbed the third-place spot on the EBR1190RS. Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Herrin rounds out the provisional front row in fourth.

Hayes claimed the top position on the timesheet, but not without some drama. The Yamaha ace binned his R1 not once, but twice. But the points leader promised to be tip-top for tomorrow’s qualifying and Race 1.

“I’m a little beat up but overall everything works,” said Hayes in an AMA Pro Racing press release. “I’m running out of suits and helmets. Other than that, I have a few abrasions on my knee but nothing that will keep me from performing well.”

The surprise up front is EBR’s Geoff May. Only two tenths off the pole position, May shines at his home circuit. The Georgia native has a Superstock win to his credit, along with a pair of SuperBike podiums at the Road Atlanta circuit.

Yohimura Suzuki’s number 2 rider, Chris Clark, was fifth-fastest on the day. The Yosh rider headed the Jordan Suzuki duo of Roger Hayden and Ben Bostrom. The all-Suzuki provisional Row 2 is completed by David Anthony. Attack Performance rider Steve Rapp was ninth-fastest on the day. His Daytona nemesis Larry Pegram is 10th, followed by Jake Holden (ESBP BMW) and Chris Fillmore (KTM/HMC Racing).

2012 American SuperBike Road Atlanta Friday:
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha) 1:25.380
2. Blake Young (Suzuki) 1:25.507
3. Geoff May (EBR) 1:26.551
4. Josh Herrin (Yamaha) 1:26.572
5. Chris Clark (Suzuki) 1:26.581
6. Roger Hayden (Suzuki) 1:26.642
7. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki) 1:26.814
8. David Anthony (Suzuki) 1:26.854
9. Steve Rapp (Kawasaki) 1:26.858
10. Larry Pegram (BMW) 1:26.992
11. Jake Holden (BMW) 1:27.072
12. Chris Fillmore (KTM) 1:27.276
13. Danny Eslick (EBR) 1:27.629
14. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki) 1:27.784
15. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki) 1:27.946

AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike

Geico Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas topped the timesheet in Friday qualifying for Daytona SportBike. Hot on his heels of the 2010 DSB champ was this year’s Daytona 200 runner-up Jason DiSalvo of Team Latus Motors Racing. Ducshop Racing’s Jake Zemke held the third spot with his Ducati 848, followed by M4 Broaster Chicken Suzuki’s Dane Westby in fourth

The 2012 Daytona 200 champion, Joey Pascarella, leads the provisional Row 2. The former Project 1 Atlanta rider will continue his DSB title fight, for now, on the SGA Racing/Yamaha Champions Riding School R6. Vesrah Suzuki’s Cory West follows Pascarella, with LTD Yamaha’s Huntley Nash and YES Graves Yamaha’s Tommy Hayden a respective seventh and eighth.

2012 Daytona SportBike Road Atlanta Friday:
1. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki) 1:28.938
2. Jason DiSalvo (Triumph) 1:28.986
3. Jake Zemke (Ducati) 1:29.601
4. Dane Westby (Suzuki) 1:29.900
5. Joey Pascarella (Yamaha) 1:30.026
6. Cory West (Suzuki) 1:30.262
7. Huntley Nash (Yamaha) 1:30.426
8. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha) 1:30.472
9. Jake Gagne (Yamaha) 1:30.493
10. Bobby Fong (Yamaha) 1:30.793
11. Michael Beck (Yamaha) 1:30.862
12. Benny Solis (Suzuki) 1:31.314
13. JD Beach (Yamaha) 1:31.437
14. Barrett Long (Ducati) 1:31.509
15. Fernando Amantini (Kawasaki) 1:31.538 SuperSport

Celtic Racing’s James Rispoli lead the SuperSport young guns in Friday qualifying at Road Atlanta. The Suzuki rider edged out Vesrah Suzuki’s Jake Lewis for provisional pole. Triumph’s Dustin Dominguez and Yamaha’s Hayden Gillim round out provisional Row 1. Daytona SuperSport Race 2 winner Elena Myers ended the day more than three seconds off the leader’s pace, running the SuzukiScoopFans GSX-R600 10th-fastest.

2012 SuperSport Road Atlanta Friday:
1. James Rispoli (Suzuki) 1:30.337
2. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) 1:30.681
3. Dustin Dominguez (Triumph) 1:30.820
4. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) 1:31.646
5. Travis Wyman (Suzuki) 1:32.518
6. Corey Alexander (Suzuki) 1:32.653
7. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha) 1:32.850
8. Miles Thornton (Yamaha) 1:33.082
9. Ryan Kerr (Kawasaki) 1:33.409
10. Elena Myers (Suzuki) 1:33.472
11. Rocco Horvath (Yamaha) 1:33.499
12. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha) 1:33.569
13. Jacob Morman (Yamaha) 1:33.976
14. Curtis Murray (Suzuki) 1:34.242
15. Travis Ohge (Yamaha) 1:34.334

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