Cookstown 100 Results 2012

April 30, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Ryan Farquhar won four events in the 2012 Cookstown 100.
Ryan Farquhar came in second during the Open A Superbike round, but scored first place in the Final.

KMR Kawasaki rider Ryan Farquhar won the feature Superbike event at the Cookstown 100 road race in Northern Ireland on Saturday. He was followed by Hunts/McAdoo Racing’s Michael Dunlop in second and AMA Racing’s Adrian Archibald in third. Tyco Suzuki’s Guy Martin, winner of the Open A Superbike race and second in combined qualifying, placed fifth in the feature event.

“What can I say, it’s been another great day,” said Farquhar. “Everything’s gone to plan so it’s a fantastic start to the Irish road racing season.” He bested second place finisher Michael Dunlop by over four seconds in Superbike.
The Kawasaki rider posted four wins overall at the 2.1 mile Orriter circuit; in Supersport, Moto 450, SuperTwins and Superbike. He posted the fastest laps in all classes beside Superbike and set a new lap record in Moto 450. Farquhar also dominated the 2011 Corkstown 100 with five wins.
Apart from a few laps taken at the Thruxton circuit two weeks ago, this was Guy Martin’s first time on a motorcycle since his win at the Ulster Grand Prix in August last year. The Suzuki rider posted the fastest lap times in both sessions.
“It could have been better, but a win’s a win,” said Martin. “The big Suzuki is right there on the ball and only for a little mistake we could have given the Tyco Suzuki boys a double today – I’m disappointed at that.” He had remarked before the event that Cookstown would be a chance for him to “have a bit of fun” as his team prepares for the Isle of Man TT. “We’re not coming to hang it out boy – not at all! But I’m certainly not turning up to finish last.”
Farquhar now leads in points after his win over the weekend followed by Michael Dunlop, Adrian Archibald, MPRSC Honda’s Michael Pearson and Martin respectively. The next event will be the Irish & Ulster Road Race Championship Tandragee 100 at North Armagh on May 4th and 5th.

Guy Martin at the Cookstown 100.
Guy Martin posted the fastest lap times in both the Open and Final rounds of Superbike racing at the Cookstown 100.

2012 Cookstown 100 Open (Superbike) Results:
1. Guy Martin (Suzuki)
2. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
3. Michael Dunlop (Honda)
4. William Dunlop (Honda)
5. Adrian Archibald (Kawasaki)
6. John Burrows (Suzuki)
7. Davy Morgan (Suzuki)
8. Steve Mercer (Honda)
9. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki)
10. Brian McCormack (Honda)
11. Michael Sweeny (BMW)
12. Alan Bonner (Honda)
13. Derek McGee (Yamaha)
14. Shaun Anderson (Suzuki)
15. Wayne Kirwan (Honda)

2012 Cookstown 100 Final (Superbike) Results:
1. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki)
2. Michael Dunlop (Honda)
3. Adrian Archibald (Kawasaki)
4. Michael Pearson (Honda)
5. Guy Martin (Suzuki)
6. John Burrows (Suzuki)
7. William Dunlop (Honda)
8. Davy Morgan (Suzuki)
9. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki)
10. Michael Sweeny (BMW)
11. Shaun Anderson (Suzuki)
12. Rob Barber (BMW)
13. Steve Mercer (Honda)
14. Wayne Kirwan (Honda)
15. William Davison (Honda)

2012 Irish & Ulster Superbike Points:
1. Ryan Farquhar, 25
2. Michael Dunlop, 20
3. Adrian Archibald, 16
4. Michael Pearson, 13
5. Guy Martin, 11
6. John Burrows, 10
7. William Dunlop, 9
8. Davy Morgan, 8
9. Jamie Hamilton, 7
10. Michael Sweeny, 6

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