Flow Wall System Garage Review

Justin Dawes | April 19, 2012
Flow Wall System - YZ250F
Now that our garage area has been outfitted a Flow Wall System things have been more tidy and organized.

As a generally accepted stereotype, motorcycle riders are obsessed with anything that is encompassed in the lifestyle, and that includes the place we keep our prized possessions. Having a better garage than your riding buddies is paramount for bragging rights. Not to mention it makes life easier when working on your machines. The more organized and factory-looking the better. Every motohead wants a slick garage and now it’s easier than ever. Last month we installed a Flow Wall System at our Irvine offices and our garage street cred has increased dramatically.

The Flow Wall System is a completely modular garage organization solution that allows you to start small, go full-tilt or any combination in between. The system is built on sections of heavy-duty cellulose PWC slatwall panels that are attached to your existing walls. Attaching the panels is fairly straightforward with drywall screws in to wall studs or masonry anchors. The most difficult part is getting the first panel perfectly level so as you build up and out with each panel the end result it not a tilting or sagging wall. Available in three colors, the panels come in four or eight foot-long sections that allow you to go high and wide as you desire.

Flow Wall Cabinet
The cabinets are easy to assemble and even easier to hang on the Flow Wall System.

Once the panels are attached it’s as easy as playing with Legos. Just choose your combination of cabinets, hangers, bins and shelves and arrange them however you like. Want to change where you have a shelf or cabinet? Not a problem, just unhook it from the panel and move it somewhere else. It’s really amazing how easy and quickly you can rearrange the wall.

The amount of elements available for the Flow Wall system is impressive. There are three different-sized cabinets to choose from. Putting the cabinets together is quick and easy. If you’ve ever assembled a piece of Ikea furniture, then you are more than qualified. Hanging the cabinet to the wall takes 30 seconds, literally.

After the cabinets are hung on the wall then it’s just choosing where to hang all the storage hooks, shelves and bins, but as noted before the position is never permanent. You can reconfigure your garage walls as often as you see fit. We’ve moved our set up around a few times as we fine-tune what goes on the wall and where. The longer double hooks are useful for hanging helmets, neck-braces and even tires on the wall. One of the coolest accessories available is a soft bin that we toss our dirty MX gear in until we have time to hit the laundromat.

Flow Wall Garage
Our garage space looks great and functions even better.

The Flow Wall System is easy to install, a snap to change, and looks great. Just about every visitor that sees our new garage space is blown away by the sleek design. We love that we can store all of our favorite gear in our own cabinets. The good looks of the system give us incentive to keep everything organized and clean. And if you saw our garage before Flow Wall… well, you would understand what a huge difference its made.

The price of installing a Flow Wall varies greatly as the options are so numerous, but it is comparable to other garage cabinet options. For the high-end look, ease of installation and flexibility we think it is one of the best values out there when building out a polished moto-friendly garage.

Justin Dawes

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