Get Educated Baker Style Via PSI Workshop

April 4, 2012
Courtesy of Pro Riders Marketing
Baker Drivetrain
Who would like to attend a ‘How to’ workshop on motorcycle transmissions taught by the master himself, Bert Baker? Thanks to a collaboration between Baker Drivetrain and the PowerSport Institute, now you can.

For sure, a personality in the motorcycle industry that truly has his own “style” as well as a class act and a top flight product line is Bert Baker and Baker Drivetrain. It is a natural fit that Bert has chosen (like many other top brands) to support the PowerSport Institute, a branch campus of the Ohio Technical College. However, that choice is a two way street. Campus Director, Bernie Thompson is very clear when he states, “We will only align PSI with the top brands in the industry.”

That being said, Bert and Bernie (and their staffs) have come together to create a great program of training for students and industry professionals that are serious in their desire to be on top of the game and wanting to learn the information they need to know about Baker Drivetrain Products to maximize their efficiency and quality in the sales, installation, and service of the Baker Product Line.

This has lead to what will be a tremendous event at the PSI Main Campus. On Saturday April 21, 2012 Bert Baker and his staff will make the trip to PSI where Bernie Thompson has made available the industries top educational facility and staff to create a seminar that will be very specifically directed to the Baker Drivetrain Product Line.

This will be a hands on “How to Workshop” where the participants will learn firsthand from the man himself, Bert Baker about how to select the correct products for the application and then actually perform the installation in the classroom on motorcycles provided by PSI.

“We expect this to be a very popular event, so sign up now!” said Bernie Thompson.

For details on the content of the workshop, how to register, area accommodations, and all pertinent information needed to attend this great event, please follow the link below:  

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