Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket Review

Bryan Harley | April 12, 2012
Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket
The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket is made of high-grade Brazilian leather that’s both strong and supple. It has D30 CE-approved impact protectors in the elbows, shoulders and back and vents well. We think it’s one of the best looking jackets out there.
Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket

What’s this? Are the guys at Icon getting soft on me? Opening up the box with a new Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket in it I’m thinking “Where’s my eye-popping graphics? Where’s my skulls? At least some anime, something.” This jacket is, well, classy. Dare I say almost refined. What are they trying to do, make a gentleman of me? Not gonna happen. But damn, this is one fine jacket.

Icon’s 1000 series is a cream-of-the-crop, limited edition run of gear like the Chapter Jacket. It’s a bold new adventure for the Slabtown crew. Premium products, fresh styling, yet built with Icon ruggedness and durability. And sure, it looks good, but we were anxious to see how it stands up to everyday abuse. Here’s what we found.

The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket is made from thick, pliable Brazilian cowhide. It’s high-grade stuff. We’ve been testing the brown colorway which Icon says has “an aniline-dyed natural grain treated with a hand-applied waxed leather finish.” The leather’s super soft, so the jacket was comfortable right out of the box. Even without flex panels, the arms immediately allow for easy movement. The more it’s been getting worn, the more personality the leather takes on. We’ve only been wearing it for a couple of months, but there’s no loose stitching anywhere.

Protection comes in the form of D30 CE-approved impact protectors in the shoulders, elbows, and back. D30 is a patented technology which reduces the effect of an impact when the padding goes from a soft and flexible state to a rigid one when its polymers lock together on impact, taking the brunt of the blow, then returning to their regular flexible state. The impact protectors sit in pockets stitched into the jacket’s liner and slip out easily for cleaning purposes. Best part is, they’re all so subtly styled into the jacket, it doesn’t look like the jacket even has any armor. It doesn’t square up like you’re wearing shoulder pads and the elbow pads are fairly small but perfectly located. The armor doesn’t fidget around either, unlike some other jackets we’ve tested.

The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket is cut so it sits just below the waistline in front while an extra swath of leather in back keeps it from riding up and exposing plumber’s crack if you’re slung over a the tank of a sportbike. The neckline is cut low and comfortable while an XL fits my broad shoulders snug but relaxed. The interior has a sweet red quilted satin vest liner complete with two small zippered pockets and one button-down one. It zips out quickly for cleaning or for riding on hot, sunny days. While cruising around Daytona Beach on an 80-degree day during Bike Week, we noticed the brown we’re testing doesn’t attract near the heat of a black leather jacket. The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket vents well, too, with small perforations on the chest, down the sides, and across the upper back. A couple of holes in the arm pits get an assist, too, but the main way to get a good air flow going through is to unzip the big vents in the back of the jacket, which I was able to do sitting at a signal with gloved hands.

Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket
This is about the only Icon badging you’ll find on the 1000 Chapter Jacket. We dig the way Icon succintly blended their logo with the 1000 theme of their new collection.

Storage-wise, there are two zippered, hand-deep pockets in the front. The diamond-tuck liner has the three small pockets we already mentioned, but the interior of the jacket itself has one small zippered pocket stitched into the liner of the right chest area and an even deeper one cut into the left. There’s also a mesh pocket in the liner on the left riders could stash maps in. Badging is nominal, with an Icon 1000 badge sewn onto the arms and a small black metal Icon logo stitched on the front. That’s it. Icon has let the jacket’s good looks speak for itself.

The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket has a style that appeals to any type of rider, whether you’re rockin’ a Big Twin or rippin’ around on a streetfighter. It’s also classy enough to get you in the door of just about any dinner joint without a bunch of eye-brow raising. Not that we care if people are wrinkling their noses when we walk in a door, we’re just pointing out its versatility.

One thing to know about premium Brazilian cowhide. It don’t come cheap. And at $600, neither does the Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket. But the quality of the materials, D30 impact protectors, and being a limited edition run means not everybody out there is going to riding around sporting the same digs as you. And did we mention it’s one damn fine looking jacket and a refreshing twist to the same-old, same-old? We just did.

Buy the Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket at the Motorcycle Superstore. Available in Black, Brown and Grey. Sizes Small – 4XL
MSRP – $600



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