JCR/Honda Baja 500 Pit Service Available

April 24, 2012
Courtesy of Honda Racing
JCR Honda is now accepting teams for the 2012 JCR Honda Baja 500 pit program.
JCR/Honda is now accepting teams for the 2012 JCR/Honda Baja 500 pit program.

Ready to sign up? The first step is to download and fill out the 2012 JCR/Honsa Baja 500 pits flyerm waiver, sign up and info sheet.
Link to Download www.mediafire.com/view/?7xdowieaunborbi

JCR/Honda offer’s first-class racing support to Honda mounted riders at every SCORE Baja race in a program called “JCR/Honda Pits,” first started by American Honda in the 1980’s. The program has become an essential component for Honda mounted Baja competitors because the speed and efficiency of a pit stop can make or break your race. A Baja 1000 can require up to 22 pit stops, roughly 60 miles apart. Each pit provides services to an average of 50 teams over the course of a race, and the pits contain an assortment of spare parts and maintenance items, as well as fuel. Pit crews are staffed by as many as six qualified personnel. Many of the pit crews stay on duty for 16 hours or more, sometimes as long as 30 hours when needed. The dedication of the JCR/Honda pit staff is legendary. Known as the most reliable and efficient Pit service along the peninsula. This service enables the average riders to the most competitive teams to race the SCORE races with confidence.
Interested in JCR/Honda Pit services for your Baja race
Contact: Scott Dunlavey
510-525-5525 office 925-698-5853 cell Pits@JCRHonda.com  
Learn more about JCR/Honda’s legendary Baja pit service at www.JCRHonda.com/pits  

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