More Police Depts Using Victory Motorcycles

April 11, 2012
Courtesy of Victory Motorcycles
Victory Cross Country police motorcycles
Law enforcement agencies around the U.S. are beginning to use Victory Motorcycles like the Cross Country models seen above for their motor fleets.

Motorcycle buyers are, justifiably, demanding. “It’s got to be a great bike for me to lay down my cold, hard cash for it,” can be heard in every dealer showroom.

But how great does a bike have to be for a rider to trust it with his life? That raises a bike’s expectations up several notches, doesn’t it?

Law enforcement agency motor patrols from across North America trust their careers and lives to their bikes all day every day, and a rapidly growing number of law enforcement agencies are selecting Victory Motorcycles such as the Cross Country, Cross Roads and Victory Vision for their motor fleets.

Police departments in cities such as Tyler, TX, Plant City, FL, Lexana, KS, Redmond, OR, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and several others have switched to Victory Police Motorcycles for their motor patrols because every Victory model provides The Victory EDGE – the Victory advantage in areas such as power, handling, reliability, storage and comfort.

• The Freedom 106/6 drivetrain – a 106-ci V-Twin and 6-speed transmission with overdrive – delivers 109 ft-lb of torque in the models used as Victory Police Motorcycles. The engine provides the instant acceleration an officer needs as well as excellent top speeds and long-running reliability.

• The models used as Victory Police Motorcycles have outstanding cornering clearance because their two-piece cast aluminum frames run along the top of the bike, like a spine, and there’s no frame structure under the engine to reduce cornering clearance. Plus, the engine is solid-mounted to the frame, creating a strong, rigid chassis that handles easily and responsively at all speeds.

Need visual proof of a Victory’s exceptional handling? Check out some of the videos of motor patrols putting the bikes through test courses on the Victory Police Motorcycles YouTube channel.

Sgt. Diana Mendoza of the Lexana  Kansas PD
Sgt. Diana Mendoza of the Lexana, Kansas Police Department, can handle a Victory with the best of them.

And consider Sgt. Diana Mendoza of the Lexana, Kansas, Police Department. She stands 5’, 3”, and weighs about 114 pounds, but she maneuvers a Commander I Victory Police Motorcycle (which starts out as a stock Cross Country) effortlessly all day.

• Fleet mechanics love Victory motorcycles because they are so reliable and easy to maintain. The fuel-injected, counter-balanced engine has self-adjusting cam chain tensioners, and the scheduled maintenance list is a short one. The engine and transmission share 5 quarts of oil, so oil changes are a cinch, and the recommended oil change interval is every 5,000 miles.

• For storage, the Cross Country and Cross Roads have large, weatherproof saddlebags, and the Victory Vision has integrated side storage compartments and an enormous trunk. A Lock & Ride Trunk (no tools needed for installation or removal) is available for the Cross Roads and Cross Country.

• The Victory models used by law enforcement agencies have comfortable touring seats, excellent front end wind and weather protection, and long driver floorboards that let a rider choose where to position the feet and legs for personalized comfort.

Every Victory model delivers The Victory EDGE, so the same outstanding riding experience motor patrols enjoy every day is available for all riders. While police cars are significantly modified versions of production models, Victory Police Motorcycles are mechanically identical to the Victory units in a dealer showroom today. To convert a Cross Country into a Commander I or turn a Cross Roads into a Commander II requires only: custom paint and agency graphics; electronics such as lights, radio and radar; and, typically, a skid plate at the base of the engine.

A motorcycle has to be impressive for a rider to invest in it. A bike has to be exceptional for riders such as motor patrols to trust them with their jobs and lives, and a growing number of law enforcement agencies are putting that level of trust into Victory Motorcycles.