Red Bull City Scramble Results 2012

April 3, 2012
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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New Zealand is a beautiful location and the race was held right on the edge of a harbor.
The floating bridge was partially submerged.10 000 spectators showed up to watch.
The Red Bull City Scramble 2012 took place in New Zealand
and had a wide array of awesome obstacles for the racers.

Extreme enduro racing has taken another step of evolution with the Red Bull City Scramble 2012 which took place over the weekend in Auckland, New Zealand. The event was directed by extreme enduro ace Chris Birch, a New Zealand native who used his extensive experience and some creativity to create a very unique race. He also competed in the event, netting third behind Paul Bolton in second and Graham Jarvis.

The course layout stretched down the waterline at T Pier, utilizing Auckland’s coastal position. He had interesting water obstacles including a floating wooden ladder bridge, similar to a dock and 10 meters in length, part of which was submerged in the Waitamata Harbor. There were also some deep bins filled with water. Birch creatively used log-covered shipping containers to act as over/under obstacles, giving spectators access around the track while providing steep terrain challenges for the riders. Standard endurocross fare such as auto and tractor tires, logs and rock piles also abused the bikes and riders.

The 80 riders in attendance were whittled down to just 10 for the main event. Unfortunately Birch, who is a former New Zealand Enduro champion, was buried off the start and was unable to post a challenge for the lead. He did pick off three riders, including former Red Bull Romaniacs winner, Andreas Lettenbichler of Germany. Jarvis continued his impressive string of performances aboard his Husaberg for the win.

“Paul Bolton just kept pushing and pushing on those last few laps and I was holding on for that chequered flag” said Jarvis. “It was a tough race and hard not to make mistakes, but the course is great. You just have to give it everything as soon as you’re out of that gate.”

KTM-mounted Bolton gave chase and exchanged positions before settling for runner-up.

“I tried to play it cool, I’m really happy with the result,” said the British rider, Bolton. “It was a worthwhile trip down here, it’s a great event.”

Graham Jarvis won with Paul Bolton second and Chris Birch third.
Graham Jarvis (center) came out on top with Paul Bolton (left) in second and race designer Chris Birch (right) in third.

Trials riders were allowed to compete against the fast bikes as well which makes for great spectating. The first-time event reportedly hosted 10,000 spectators.

Red Bull City Scramble Results 2012:
1. Graham Jarvis (UK)
2. Paul Bolton (UK)
3. Chris Birch (NZ)
4. Andreas Lettenbichler (GER)
5. Jake Whitaker (NZ)
6. Mitchell Nield (NZ)
7. Chris Power (NZ)
8. Warren Laugesen (NZ)
9. Scott Bouverie (SA)
10. Karl Power (NZ)

Red Bull provided videos of the event. Take a look below.

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