SuperSport Road Atlanta Race 2 Results 2012

April 22, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Jake Lewis won Race 2 at Road Atlanta.
Rookie Jake Lewis took the top spot in Race 2 at Road Atlanta and now leads the SuperSport East Division in overall points.

SuperSport rookie Jake Lewis claimed victory in the second SuperSport race at Road Atlanta. The Vesrah Suzuki rider bested the RA Race 1 winner, Celtic Racing’s James Rispoli in a back-and-forth race between the two for the top spot. Lewis proved the victor by three-tenths at the finish, with Rispoli second and Triumph Daytona 675R rider Dustin Dominguez repeating his third-place podium finish.

The battle between Lewis and Rispoli was heated from the start, with a paper thin gap of 0.099 between first and second through Lap 3. The two remained comfortably ahead of Dominguez, who lagged almost three seconds behind in third. Dominguez showed his chops though, posting the best lap time of the field going into Lap 7. Rispoli and Lewis continued to trade places, as the two Suzuki aces struggled for top position.

Hayden Gillim, sixth-place finisher on Saturday posted some of the best lap times early in the race aboard his Yamaha YZF-R6, and was able to secure fourth place by the end of the race. The battle for fifth place between Kneedragger’s Stefano Mesa and Harv’s Harley-Davidson’s Travis Wyman remained close through six laps. Wyman powered forward though gaining ground halfway through the race, gaining fifth but lost the spot to Mesa by the checkers.

The battle for eighth place also was heated between SuzukiScoop’s Elena Myers and RFC rider Ryan Kerr, with Kerr holding steadily behind by only 2 tenths of a second. Myers held her own and finished in the eighth spot behind Yamaha’s Tomas Puerta. 

Cory Alexandar, the previous East Division points leader, went down very early in the race and did not return leaving him at 53 for the season so far. Jake Lewis rocketed to the top after taking 31 points in Race 2. Stefano Mesa, now second overall, has gained in every event so far and even though he hasn’t taken a first place prize home yet, his consistency will be a valuable asset as the season progresses. The same goes for Tomas Puerta, now third overall. Lewis has not run away with the lead by any means and after Alexander’s accident today it goes without saying that anything can happen on race day.

2012 SuperSport Road Atlanta Race 2 Results:

1. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) 
2. James Rispoli (Suzuki)
3. Dustin Dominguez (Triumph) 
4. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) 
5. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha) 
6. Travis Wyman (Suzuki) 
7. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha) 
8. Elena Myers (Suzuki) 
9. Ryan Kerr (Kawasaki) 
10. Jacob Morman (Yamaha) 
11. Zach Herrin (Yamaha) 
12. Eric Stump (Yamaha) 
13. Cody Wyman (Suzuki) 
14. Rocco Horvath (Yamaha) 
15. Colter Dimick (Yamaha)

2012 SuperSport East Points:
1. Jake Lewis, 82
2. Stefano Mesa, 67 
3. Tomas Puerta, 59 
4. Dustin Dominguez, 56  
5. Corey Alexander, 53 
6. Travis Wyman, 39
7. Miles Thorton, 38
8. Ryan Kerr, 37
9. Jacob Morman, 34
10. Zach Herrin, 29