Yoshimura Offers Limited Edition GSX-Rs

April 12, 2012
Courtesy of Yoshimura
Yoshimura has been a leader among the road racing community since the inception of our sport. Whether it is the BSA’s and Triumph’s Pops grew famous for tuning in Japan in the 1950’s, or the technological marvels that own the track today, race-winning motorcycles have been synonymous with Yoshimura for decades. Now, for the first time in his¬tory, you can own a motorcycle built by the same people responsible for propelling racers like Wes Cooley, Kevin Schwantz, Mat Mladin, Ben Spies, and Blake Young to multiple race wins and championships.

Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R
The Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R’s modifications meet EPA and CARB regulations and the motorcycle remains compliant with vehicle registration requirements.

Yoshimura R&D is excited to announce all-new Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R600s, 750s and 1000s. These Limited Edition 2011 and 2012 GSX-Rs scream style from every angle and they are sure to turn heads wher¬ever they travel. With its striking custom paint, EPA noise compliant carbon fiber slip-on and the numerous street legal hard parts included, owning one of these motorcycles not only makes your exquisite taste apparent, it grants you ownership of an extraordinary piece of Yoshimura history.

Each Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R is available with a high quality, custom painted Red or Blue color scheme. The color is dependent upon the frame color – if the bike has a blue frame it will receive the blue color scheme, if the bike has a black frame it will have the red color scheme.

The Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R also includes a Yoshimura R-77 Carbon Fiber EPA Noise-Compliant1 slip-on, and a plethora of aircraft-grade aluminum CNC machined hard parts, including a Fender Eliminator2 kit, Case Savers, Chassis Protectors, Axle Adjuster Blocks, Race Stand Stoppers, Steering Stem Nut, Bar Ends, Engine Plug kit, Oil Filler Plug kit, and an individually numbered Limited Edition Name Badge. 

Yoshimura Limited Edition GSX-R’s can only be ordered through an Authorized Suzuki Dealer. We do not sell them customer direct. Participating dealers can be found on the Yoshimura website at www.yoshimura-rd.com/t-limited_edition_GSXR_DealerMap.aspx.  

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