2012 Beta 450 RR Cross Country First Look

May 31, 2012
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Hilde is holding down the fort at MotoUSA’s Southern Oregon HQ. With world-class dirt bike and ATV trails just minutes away, the hardest part is getting him to focus on the keyboard. Two wheels or four, it doesn’t matter to our Off-Road Editor so long as it goes like hell in the dirt.

2012 Beta 450 RR Cross Country
2012 Beta 450 RR Cross Country
The new Beta 450 RR Cross Country is targeted at hard-core racers with specific updates.

Beta has introduced a mid-season model based on its existing 450cc enduro machine. The new bike is a 2012.5 Beta 450 RR Cross Country. The Italian motorcycle company says the Cross Country model is designed for motocross, WORCS and hare scramble racers and it is only available in the 450 displacement.

The Beta 450 RR recently won our 2012 450 Enduro Shootout. One of the traits we noticed on that bike was the soft suspension. It’s fantastic on slow-speed, but larger, faster riders could appreciate some extra stiffness. The Cross Country model should address this by switching from a Sachs fork to a 48mm Marzocchi closed-cartridge with motocross-inspired springs. Additionally, the Sachs “Factory” shock offers 7mm additional wheel travel and the frame is reinforced for extra rigidity. It uses an AC generator to make the bike rev quicker and runs on a 19-inch rear wheel.

A big portion of what makes this dirt bike special is its adaptability. Buy a Cross Country for $8999 and it comes with a removal kit for the electric starter and the kickstart. This gives the racer an option based on personal preference or desired weight savings. It comes with a motocross-style front number plate, but a light kit is available so enduro guys can use it as well. The Cross Country uses a non-O-ring chain to save weight and the digital computer has been tossed which simplifies the electrical system. Judging from the photos there’s also no skidplate.

The bike will be available starting the second week of June and is eligible for the Build Your Own Beta (BYOB) program.

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