BMW Rentals for Pacific Northwest Rally

May 31, 2012
Courtesy of RawHyde Adventures
Pacific Northwest Adventure Rally

Our Pacific North West Adventure Rally is coming in just 3 weeks, and many of you have told me you live too far away to ride to the rally – so we have a solution… Rent a bike from us right here on the left coast and ride to the rally.

Yep – RawHyde now rents bikes ! We have just started a BMW GS rental business and this seems a perfect way to introduce it to you all.

1 For a nominal fee we can bring a bike from LA to Leavenworth…. you can ride the rally… and we’ll take the bike back to LA. OR-

2 You can pick up a bike before the rally at our place in LA and ride the world renowned Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Washington and leave the bike with us after the rally… OR-

3 You could pick a bike up at the rally… ride it for the weekend… and then ride one way to LA and drop the bike off at our place.

You have lots of options… We have the entire BMW GS product line available for rent.

If you’re interested in any of the above, or if you have any West Coast rental needs please give us a call at 661 993 9942.

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