GNC Springfield TT Results 2012

May 29, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Henry Wiles took the win at the Springfield TT.
Henry Wiles at the Springfield TT, earning the 21st Grand National Championship victory of his career.

Henry Wiles of Don’s Kawasaki took the win in the AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by The Springfield TT event marked the third round of the 2012 GNC Expert Singles series. Wiles was followed by Zanotti Racing’s Jake Johnson in second and Montgomeryville Cycle’s Jared Mees in third. This is the Kawasaki rider’s fourth Springfield TT victory and his 21st Grand National victory.

“I knew I had to get a good start because it was really hard to pass. We had a good heat race result so I had a good starting position”, said Wiles. “I was able to get the holeshot, but I knew someone was right there for a while. I just kept telling myself, ‘go faster, go faster,’ pretty soon they weren’t there.”

Johnson’s second-place finish is his best in Singles so far this season. The defending Grand National Champion also took second in the GNC Expert Twins class so sits fourth in combined points for the season at this point. Mees has been in the top five in all but one race between the two classes and is currently first in combined points for the season. Snip’s Matt Weideman took seventh place in the Expert Singles contest in Round 3, and is now tied in the class’ points lead with Jared Mees.

In the AMA Pro Pro Singles class, Fun Mart Cycle’s Gerit Callies took the win by a fraction of a second over Markbilt Race Bike’s Eric Stump. Morris Racing’s Dominic Colindres was only slightly behind Stump at the finish and took the final step on the podium in third. Callies holds the points lead in Pro Singles over Team Cunningham’s Jake Cunningham in second.

2012 Springfield TT Expert Singles Race Results:
1. Henry Wiles (Kawasaki)
2. Jake Johnson (Honda)
3. Jared Mees (Honda)
4. Sammy Halbet (Yamaha)
5. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Yamaha)
6. Brad Baker (Kawasaki)
7. Matt Weidman (Honda)
8. Steven Bonsey (Honda)
9. Briar Bauman (Kawasaki)
10. Johnny Lewis (Kawasaki)
11. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (Kawasaki)
12. Jake Mataya (Kawasaki)
13. Shaun Russell (Honda)
14. Brandon Robinson (Honda)
15. Bryan Smith (Honda)

2012 GNC Expert Singles Points:
1. Matt Weidman, 60
2. Jared Mees, 60
3. Sammy Halbert, 50
4. Johnny Lewis, 49
5. Brad Baker, 45
6. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr., 42
7. Jake Johnson, 40
8. Henry Wiles, 35
9. Briar Bauman, 35
10. Bryan Smith, 29

2012 Springfield TT Pro Singles Race Results:
1. Gerit Callies (Honda)
2. Eric Stump (Honda)
3. Dominic Colindres (Honda)
4. Jason Isennock (Honda)
5. Ryan Foster (Honda)
6. Jake Shoemaker (Honda)
7. Cory Strickler (Honda)
8. Hunter King (Honda)
9. Nick Mataya (Honda)
10. Hunter Taylor (Honda)
11. Dan Bromley (KTM)
12. Stephen Vanderkuur (Honda)
13. Bailey Fox (Honda)
14. Ryan Wells (Honda)
15. Levi Mayer (Honda)

2012 GNC Pro Singles Points:
1. Gerit Callies, 48
2. Jake Cunningham, 43
3. Ryan Wells, 38
4. Hayden Gillim, 35
5. Jason Isennock, 34
6. Hunter Taylor, 33
7. Jake Shoemaker, 33
8. Shayna Texter, 31
9. Eric Stump, 29
10. James Monaco, 27