Hare & Hound Jerico, Utah Results 2012

May 8, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Jacob Argubright won Round 5 of the 2012 Hare   Hound Championship Series in Jerico  Utah. Justin Morrow took second and T.J. Hannifin took third.
Jacob Argubright (center) took his first ever Hare & Hound win in Utah. Justin Morrow (right) came in second and T.J. Hannifin (left) rounded out the podium in third.

Jacob Argubright of Monster Energy Team Green Kawasaki/Purvines Racing scored his first top finish ever in a National Hare & Hound event in Round 5 at Jerico, Utah. He was followed by teammate Justin Morrow in second and T.J. Hannifin in third. Series points leader Kurt Caselli of Factory FMF/KTM, winner of the four previous Hare & Hound rounds this season, sustained injury to his collarbone after crashing during the race.

“I was fourth off the start behind my Purvines teammate Justin Morrow,” said Argubright. “I wanted to make passes early and not lose Kurt too early in the race. We got into a sandy section where I was able to push and pass both Justin and Nick (Burson, Purvines Racing) into second place. I kept pushing, but could see Kurt’s dust way off in the distance.”
Not long after Caselli went down, and KTM reports that he has a third-degree collarbone AC separation. “If the rehabilitation goes as planned,” said Factory FMF/KTM Manager Antti Kallonen, “Caselli should be able to make a full return for the next Hare & Hound race and begin pre-running for the SCORE/Baja 500 immediately after.”
Upon finding Caselli off his bike during the race, Argubright said, “I came down a hill to find Kurt sitting on the ground. I stopped and made sure he was okay and then I knew I was in the lead and didn’t want to lose so I went balls out from that point.”
Despite his DNF, Caselli retains the series points lead by six over Kawasaki rider David Pearson. The KTM rider will risk losing his top spot if he is unable to return for the next Hare & Hound round on May 19th. Justin Morrow continues to hold the third-place position. Argubright has shot up the tally sheet to sixth overall with two consecutive podium finishes. It seemed as if Caselli was heading toward a perfect season, but now the focus will be on his rehabilitation so he can get back in time to fend off the hungry riders looking for an opportunity to take over the top spot.

Kurt Caselli was unable to finish Round 5 at Jerico  Utah after crashing and injuring his collarbone.
Kurt Caselli was unable to finish Round 5 after crashing and injuring his collarbone.

2012 Round 5 Overall Results:
1. Jacob Argubright (Kawasaki)
2. Justin Morrow (Kawasaki)
3. T.J. Hannifin (Kawasaki)
4. David Pearson (Kawasaki)
5. Nicholas Burson (Kawasaki)
6. David Kamo (Honda)
7. Nick Thompson (KTM)
8. Cody Schafer (Kawasaki)
9. Brady Elton (KTM)
10. Skyler Howes (Yamaha)
11. Jayson Densley (Kawasaki)
12. Shawn Strong (KTM)
13. Lance Schurtz (Yamaha)
14. Dan Capparelli (Kawasaki)
15. Ryan Smith (Yamaha)
2012 Hare & Hound Championship Points:
1. Kurt Caselli, 120
2. David Pearson, 114
3. Justin Morrow, 90
4. Nicholas Burson, 76
5. David Kamo, 61
6. Jacob Argubright, 51
7. Skyler Howes, 50
8. Axel Pearson, 48
9. Destry Abbott, 39
10. Ryan Smith, 37