McGuinness Sets Pace at 2012 IOM TT

May 29, 2012
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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John McGuinness set the early pace during Mondays qualifying session  the King of the Mountain turning a 128 mph lap on his Honda TT Legends Superbike.
John McGuinness set the early pace during Monday’s qualifying session, the King of the Mountain turning a 128 mph lap on his Honda TT Legends Superbike.

John McGuinness led the way during the opening qualifying session at the 2012 Isle of Man TT. The Monday evening session saw the King of the Mountain set the pace with a 128.267 mph lap. McGuinness’ Honda TT Legends teammate, Simon Andrews, topped the Superstock timesheet, with William Dunlop the fastest in the Supersport ranks. Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance led the Sidecar class.

McGuinness proved far faster than his usual rivals on the opening day, nearly two mph faster than his nearest competitor, Wilson Craig Honda’s Cameron Donald (126.379 mph). McGuinness’ day wasn’t problem free, his Superbike requiring attention after a humble 111 mph lap to start the qualifying session. The 17-time TT winner returned to the Superbike, however, and set down the class-leading 128.267 mph time on his final lap of the day.

It was an all-Honda front four in the Superbike class, with Donald followed by TT veteran Bruce Anstey (Padgett’s Honda) and up-and-comer Andrews (Honda TT Legends). Another young rider on the move, James Hillier, rounds out the top five – the Bournemouth Kawasaki Pr1mo Racing rider fresh off his first NW200 podium and looking for his first TT rostrum appearance in 2012.

Gary Johnson (Padgett’s Honda) and Guy Martin (Tyco Suzuki) were four mph off the leader’s pace, a respective sixth and seventh. The TT regulars are followed by Michael Dunlop, who races a Honda in the Superbike class for McAdoo Racing, and KMR Kawasaki’s Ryan Farquhar. Michael Rutter rounds out the top 10 aboard his Batham’s Kawasaki.

Ian Hutchinson made his welcome return to the TT as the 11th-fastest rider in Superbike, and fifth-fastest in Supersport. The Swan Yamaha rider looks to regain the form that saw him tally an unprecedented five TT victories in 2010 (then riding for Padgett’s Honda). Hutchy went on to suffer a catastrophic leg fracture, and subsequent re-injury to the leg, hampering his road racing fortunes.

Manx rider Conor Cummins did not participate in the opening qualifying session, reportedly nursing a hand injury from his North West 200 get off.

William Dunlop and Cameron Donald delivered the Wilson Craig squad a 1-2 sweep of the Supersport timesheet. The elder Dunlop gave Wilson Craig its first international road race win last week at the NW200 in the Supersport race. His Monday qualifying time of 122.904 bested his teammate (121.442) and his brother Michael, who was third-fastest on the McAdoo Suzuki.

In the Sidecar class Molyneux and Farrance were one full mph ahead of the LCR Honda duo of Tim Reeves and Dipash Chauhan. The sidecars reported two incidents, however, with eventual fourth-fastest duo of Glyn Jones and Richard Murphy airlifted to Nobles Hospital. Also injured in a separate incident were Ben and Tom Birchall, also taken to Nobles Hospital.

Qualifying will begin again on Tuesday evening.

2012 Isle of Man Superbike Monday Qualifying:
1. John McGuinness (Honda) 128.267 mph
2. Cameron Donald (Honda) 126.379 mph
3. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 125.306 mph
4. Simon Andrew (Honda) 124.772 mph
5. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 124.407 mph
6. Gary Johnson (Honda) 124.174 mph
7. Guy Martin (Suzuki) 124.127 mph
8. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 123.871 mph
9. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 123.153 mph
10. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 123.132 mph

2012 Isle of Man Supersport Monday Qualifying:
1. William Dunlop (Honda) 122.904 mph
2. Cameron Donald (Honda) 121.442 mph
3. Michael Dunlop (Suzuki) 121.261 mph
4. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 119.444 mph
5. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 118.857 mph
6. Roy Richardson (Yamaha) 118.104 mph
7. Ivan Lintin (Kawasaki) 117.055 mph
8. Dan Stewart (Honda) 116.763 mph
9. Paul Owen (Yamaha) 116.670 mph
10. Ben Wylie (Yamaha) 116.642 mph

2012 Isle of Man Superstock Monday Qualifying:
1. Simon Andrews (Honda) 124.772 mph
2. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 124.407 mph
3. Cameron Donald (Honda) 123.669 mph
4. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) 123.329 mph
5. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 122.768 mph
6. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 122.621 mph
7. Guy Martin (Suzuki) 121.915 mph
8. William Dunlop (Honda) 121.723 mph
9. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 121.677 mph
10. Luis Carreira (Suzuki) 121.621 mph

2012 Isle of Man Sidecar Monday Qualifying:
1. Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance (DMR) 111.856 mph
2. Tim Reeves/Dipash Chauhan (Honda) 110.748 mph
3. Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott (Honda) 110.044 mph
4. Glyn Jones/Richard Murphy (Suzuki) 108.028 mph
5. Douglas Wright/Martin Hull (Honda) 106.292 mph
6. Tony Baker/Fiona Baker-Milligan (Suzuki) 105.030 mph
7. Frank Lelias/Charlie Richardson (Honda) 103.552 mph
8. Carl Fenwick/Mark Sayers (Honda) 103.465 mph
9. Roy Hanks/Kevin Perry (Suzuki) 103.370 mph
10. Francois Leblond/Johnathan (Suzuki) 102.439 mph

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