Pair of Crashes Spoil Tech 3 Home GP

May 21, 2012
Scott Mathews
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There are few people worthy of getting an audience with Mathews but he makes himself available on occasion to the racers of the Grand Prix paddock. If they’re lucky, he might even mention their name. He’s Scott Mathews, and he’s bringing you the inside scoop on MotoGP.

Dovizioso and Crutchlow battled with Rossi for much of the race at Le Mans.
Crutchlow (35) managed to claim eighth place despite crashing due to the wet conditions at Le Mans.

British rider Cal Crutchlow said he was baffled by a speed deficit with his Monster Yamaha Tech 3 YZR-M1 machine before he crashed out of podium contention in a rain-affected French MotoGP clash. Crutchlow was locked in a terrific tussle with Italian duo Valentino Rossi and Tech 3 teammate Andrea Dovizioso when he crashed out of fifth place at Turn 2 on Lap 19.

The former World Supersport champion said a lack of speed on the straight compared to Rossi and Dovizioso was forcing him to push harder on braking and corner entry to keep himself in the hunt for his first MotoGP podium.

The Coventry rider said: “I was having to push so hard into the corners because we had no straight line speed, I don’t know what was going on. I don’t know if we had the wrong setting on the straight with the traction control cutting in, but I had no speed on any straight. Even Andrea was pulling ten bike lengths on each straight in acceleration. I’m a little bit heavier but you would think that was an advantage in the rain because of the more contact. I didn’t have the best rear grip but the speed was the big issue. Pushing so hard into the corners to keep up meant you could see the end result when I crashed.”

Crutchlow said he was mystified as to why his YZR-M1 felt sluggish on the straight and was due to analyze data with his crew last night.

Crutchlow looked strong at Le Mans before crashing out in Sundays race.
Crutchlow was baffled as to why his YZR-M1 felt slow on the straight, saying later that he “had no speed on any straight.” 

He added: “You expect to be able to stay in the slipstream. I had two guys in front of me and I should have been slipstreaming them but they would be pulling away from me. I wasn’t using the rear brake and we haven’t got much anti-wheelie on. I doubt something went wrong so maybe we have just got a slow bike. The problem was in the braking they were holding me up and in acceleration I was getting dropped right off. If I passed them they would get back by me on speed to the next corner.”

Crutchlow took some consolation from crashing out of fifth as he had at least been competing for a podium when he tumbled out. He lost 34 seconds in the spill but still managed to claim eighth place and he said: “I’m not taking it as a downer weekend because we finished eighth. I was battling for the podium and I was quickest in the wet warm-up, so we can take a lot from this. I was fighting with Valentino and he finished second. He went up and caught Casey (Stoner) and I think we had the potential to go with him and be on the podium.”

Dovizioso Aims for Consistent Podium Pace

Dovizioso is confident he will be a consistent podium threat for Yamaha in the future after he crashed out of top three contention in a rain-hit French Grand Prix at Le Mans. The Italian was locked in a thrilling battle for third with compatriot Valentino Rossi when he lost the front of his Monster Yamaha Tech 3 machine at Turn 9 just four laps from home.

Andrea Dovizioso is looking to become a constant podium threat this season.
Andrea Dovizioso finished in seventh place after crashing, he says he is feeling “much more confident with the Yamaha.”

The former 125GP world champion blamed a lack of grip with the right side of his Bridgestone front rain tire and he later said: “It was a beautiful fight but really difficult because the grip was zero for everybody and each time we went into the corner we were losing the rear or the front. Trying not to make a mistake was really difficult and unfortunately I made just one mistake and it cost me the podium. I was losing a lot on the right side, especially compared to Valentino. I had to recover in the brakes but I could do this because my bike on the brakes was really strong. But I used the front tire too much and for the last 12 laps I felt the limit on the front and three or four times I lost it. The last time I closed it a little bit too much at Turn 9 and I couldn’t recover. It was a really slow crash and I was already without the brake. It can happen.”

Dovizioso was able to re-join the race and still finish in seventh position and he believes now he has adapted his riding style to suit the YZR-M1 more after a switch from Honda.

He added: “I am really happy because my feeling with the bike this weekend has got very strong and I am much more confident with the Yamaha. The jump this weekend has been bigger than what I expect, so now I am really looking forward to going to Barcelona and I am really confident.”