Ricky Dietrich Quits EWC and Husqvarna

May 2, 2012
Courtesy of Athlete Management
Ricky Dietrich on his CH Racing Husqvarna en route to victory at round four of the British Sprint Enduro Championship.
Ricky Dietrich will step away from his international enduro racing commitments with CH Racing-Husqvarna to ‘focuse on some personal matters’.

The CH Racing-Husqvarana enduro race team & management for Ricky Dietrich have announced today that they have both come to a mutual agreement that allows for Ricky to step away from his racing obligations at this time.
Despite his very comfortable and competitive situation in Italy with the Husqvarna family, he would like to step away from racing for an indefinite period so that he can focus on some personal matters back in the USA.

This is in no way a reflection on the team, the bike, or life in Italy. “Everything provided for me here in Italy could not have given me a better opportunity to succeed…I genuinely enjoyed my life in Italy, the bike, the team, & my teammates are the best I’ve ever had” according to Dietrich.

It should also be noted that this is not a legal or financially based decision. It is a family matter of personal nature that Dietrich feels would be best handled without the pressures of racing at this time. When Ricky is both mentally and physically 100% focused on racing again, the plan is to return to racing aboard his Husqvarna.

A special thank you to the CH Racing & Husqvarna family as well as Ricky’s personal sponsors Brux & RynoPower for being compassionate in understanding these most recent decisions. As well as a show of gratitude to the international enduro media that helped work with us and promote/encourage his step up to the Enduro World Championships.