Successful Surgery for Colin Edwards

May 8, 2012
Courtesy of NGM Mobile Forward Racing
Colin Edwards is now on the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team for the MotoGP Series with Alex De Anegis and Yuki Takahashi.
NGM Mobile’s Colin Edwards underwent surgery on his left clavicle and is expected to return to the US this week.

The NGM Mobile Forward Racing rider Colin Edwards underwent surgery earlier today at the Insitituto Universitario DEXEUS in Barcelona. Dr. Javier Mir and his team performed the surgery earlier this afternoon and lasted approximately two hours. Doctor Mir had previously treated Edwards of the injuries he sustained during a free practice session at the Catalunya Grand Prix last season.

Tomorrow the doctor will reexamine Edwards and will determine the estimated recovery time needed in order to see the Texas Tornado back on his Suter-BMW. He will most likely remain at the hospital until his expected return to the USA this Wednesday.

“The MotoGP rider Colin Edwards was operated of a fracture on his left clavicle,” said Dr. Javier Mir. “The bone was broken in five pieces and required the insertion of a titanium plate with ten screws. The surgery performed was successful and he will be able to begin rehabilitation/physical therapy within a week.”

“They were the ones that took care of me last time,” said Edwards. “The surgery was really quick. I’m feeling great, still a little dizzy from the anesthesia but feeling all right.”


After this mornings visit to Colin Edwards, Doctor Javier Mir has been clear on the fact that given that Edwards has fractured his left collarbone already four times before, it is in the rider’s best interest to wait until the Catalunya Grand Prix to get back on his Suter-BMW.

Both the American rider and the team agree that it is best to wait rather than rush the recovery to be back at Le Mans.

The team will still participate at the Le Mans Grand Prix with a substitute rider. Several riders have approached the team but no final decision will be made until tomorrow.