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JC Hilderbrand | May 3, 2012
What !s comes from the editing studios of Red Tide Pictures with captivating cinematography of some of the best off-road racers in the world. The riders featured are Taylor Robert, Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody, Kyle Redmond, Cody Webb, Corry Buttrick, Russell Bobbitt, Homero Diaz, Kurt Caselli, Ivan Ramirez and Brad Bakken. Wiley Watson directed and edited the film and it bears his signature blend of a funky remixed soundtrack and creative, high-quality camerawork. 

Red Tide Pictures  What !s
What !s kept us planted on the couch enjoying its combination of modern soundtrack and off-road riders.

What !f  was the first full-length video from Watson and crew. That production felt like a collection of small videos put together, but its new sequel, What !s, feels more like a cohesive full-length DVD. The format is the same with segments featuring different riders and consisting of insane riding sequences with interview commentary. Each rider is on their home turf which showcases not only their natural abilities but also some scenery that isn’t usually seen on dirt bike videos. There’s a small amount of race footage which adds a little flavor and a helicopter makes for exciting high-speed angles.

The opening scene with Taylor Roberts was my least favorite. It’s still good, but it sets a pretty slow pace right out of the gate because the video warms up from there. My favorite piece was on Homero Diaz, which surprised me since he was the rider I was least excited about. His comments were entertaining and the shot selection by Red Tide was extra impressive. I also really liked the bit on Kyle Redmond and Cody Webb. MotoUSA has used Redmond as a test rider in the past and Webb is a current Motorcycle-Superstore.com team rider. On top of that, they rode and filmed out in Lake Isabella, CA, which is one of our favorite places to ride and conduct off-road tests in Southern California.

What !s is available on DVD or in digital copy from iTunes. The DVD includes bonus features that show some behind-the-scenes footage and a few bloopers. I really liked the bonus section because it brings the characters to life and takes them outside their helmets and sponsor-laden riding gear. I watched the video with my girlfriend and it kept her interest as well. Run time is 40 minutes which is easy to burn through on a lunch break or makes for good background noise at a BBQ or in the shop.

This is a no-brainer for adding to your collection of moto movies. I really like how it gets away from the standard motocross tracks and focuses on natural riding talent and obscure riding locations. The soundtrack has a fun, reggae-ish feel that combines with the rider comments to keep a happy-go-lucky attitude. Watson uses a good mix of riders, many of which are getting repeat appearances in this sequel. I’m looking forward to the next feature video from Red Tide Pictures. Personally I think the Baja angle has gotten enough exposure in this series and would like to see it progress to something else with an expanded cast of riders in the future.

The DVD can be ordered from Red Tide Pictures for $27.95 and comes with a limited poster, or the digital version can be picked on iTunes for only $7.99.

Check out the trailer below.


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