World Supersport Monza Results 2012

May 6, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Jules Cluzel.
Jules Cluzel won the fourth Supersport race of his career at Monza this weekend in difficult conditions.

PTR Honda’s Jules Cluzel took first prize at Monza in the 2012 World Supersport race on Sunday. He held the lead for most of the second half of the race, outpacing Bogdanka PTR’s Sam Lowes who came in a close second. Both Honda riders were well ahead Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini’s Kenan Sofuoglu who improved to third in the final laps of the race. Honda rider Imre Toth held third for most of the event, but fell back to fourth as the Kawasaki rider rallied for position. Stefano Cruciani rode his Kawasaki ZX-6R in for fifth place.

“I am so happy,” said Cluzel. “That was a really good race although it felt very long. I saw Sam closing slowly and then in the last two laps he closed a lot. I thought he might try to pass me on the brakes on the last corner so I braked a little later than before and he came inside me. I though he might struggle to hold his line and he did. I did not expect to win.”

Lowes led for seven of the 16 laps but ran off the track in the Ascari chicane and had to make a comeback. “I made a mistake but apart from that it was really good and my Bogdanka PTR Honda worked fantastic,” the British rider said after the race.

The conditions at Monza were extremely difficult, causing Race 1 of Superbike to be cancelled after officials deemed the track unsafe. During the Supersport round six riders went down, including Vladimir Leonov of Yakhnich Motorsport, currently seventh in points and Ronan Quarmby of PTR Honda, currently ninth in points. Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini’s Sheridan Morais also crashed, as did Bogdanka PTR’s Matthew Scholtz and Honda rider Balazs Nemeth.

The next round will take place at Sam Lowes’ home track, Donington Park in England. Lowes hopes to do very well there and it will be a good chance for him to close the points gap for first. He did have difficulty in last year’s event, retiring from the race after 12 laps, but his performance has certainly improved since then. Fabien Foret of Kawasaki Intermoto Step has fallen off the points pace he set early in the season, but will remain in contention with a strong finish next week. Sofuoglu has posted high on the timesheet in every race so far besides Imola where he was disqualified. The Kawasaki rider is showing no signs of easing his pace at this point.

Sam Lowes.
Sam Lowes almost took the lead from Cluzel in the final laps, but ultimately finished second at Monza.

2012 World Supersport Monza Results:
1. Jules Cluzel (Honda)
2. Sam Lowes (Honda)
3. Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki)
4. Imre Toth (Honda)
5. Stefano Cruciani (Kawasaki)
6. Alex Baldolini (Triumph)
7. Massimo Roccoli (Yamaha)
8. Andrea Antonelli (Honda)
9. Vittorio Iannuzzo (Triumph)
10. Raffaele De Rosa (Honda)
11. Jed Metcher (Yamaha)
12. Fabien Foret (Kawasaki)
13. Luca Marconi (Yamaha)
14. Kieran Clarke (Honda)
15. Martin Jessop (Honda)
2012 World Supersport Points:
1. Kenan Sofuoglu, 61
2. Sam Lowes, 51
3. Fabien Foret, 49
4. Jules Cluzel, 48
5. Alex Baldolini, 34
6. Broc Parkes, 29
7. Vladimir Leonov, 26
8. Lorenzo Lanzi, 25
9. Ronan Quarmby, 25
10. Vittorio Iannuzzo, 25

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