Zero Claims 240% Growth in Q1 2012

May 11, 2012
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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2012 Zero S
Zero Motorcycles claims impressive Q1 figures with a 240% increase in revenue and a 178% increase in models shipped.

Zero Motorcycles has announced impressive sales and revenue totals for the first quarter of 2012. The Santa Cruz-based electric motorcycle manufacturer claims a 240% increase in revenue for Q1, with a 178% increase in number of motorcycles shipped out the door.

“We are now in full production and accelerated growth mode,” said Zero COO Karl Wharton in a press statement. “Yet we are still a small company and therefore we understand that significant increases are relatively easier for us than for larger OEMs. However, on any scale, it’s an impressive performance, arguably making Zero Motorcycles the fastest growing and largest premium brand electric motorcycle manufacturer in the world.”

Zero’s press release does not list the dollar amount of the revenue total, or total units sold – although it does tout passing the 1500 mark on motorcycle units delivered worldwide. Zero cites a hard number for the growing dealer network too – having authorized 50 new dealers in North America last year.

News of Zero’s Q1 success comes at the same time that its competitor, Brammo Inc, snagged headlines with the public debut of its Empulse R. And Zero isn’t shy about getting in a jab at its Oregon-based rival in the Q1 statement, reminding all that its products are “100% designed, developed and assembled in the U.S.A”, then noting that this “runs counter to the usual trend of moving manufacturing jobs to far Eastern and second tier European operations.” The Brammo Enertia and Enertia Plus models are produced at the Sarvar, Hungary facility of Brammo’s production partner, Flextronics.

“This comes down to the ongoing investment in product development, both in terms of design and performance,” said Zero VP of Marketing, Scot Harden, on the impressive Q1 results and dealer growth. “We are driven to be the market leader in innovation and technology. We listen to what our customers and prospective customers are telling us drive their interest to join the silent revolution.”

“These are motorcycles that protect the environment, are socially responsible in areas of noise restriction and support domestic energy sources and our need for independence from foreign oil,” continued Harden. “They reflect Zero Motorcycles’ desire to deliver fun, world-class, highly advanced expressions of motorcycle engineering design and art. The total cost of ownership, environmental and gasoline price issues help rationalize the buying decision, but make no mistake, our underlying goal is to deliver an expression of the enjoyment of motorcycling in its purest form.”

To keep sales surging, Zero will sponsor a nation-wide demo day on May 19th. Curious riders will be able to sample Zero’s five-model lineup at US dealer’s “Ride a Zero – Join the Silent Revolution” promotion.