Daytona SportBike Barber Race 1 Results 2012

June 23, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Cameron Beaubier  6  and Tommy Hayden  22 battling for position in Daytona SportBike at Barber.
Cameron Beaubier (6) prevailed after a tough battle for podium position in Daytona SportBike Race 1 at Barber.

Yamaha Extended Service’s Cameron Beaubier took his first career Daytona SportBike win during Race 1 at Barber Motorsports Park. M4 Suzuki’s Dane Westby followed close behind in second with Beaubier’s teammate Tommy Hayden rounding out the podium. Team Latus Motors Racing’s Jason DiSalvo trailed Hayden by nearly five seconds in fourth place and current championship points leader Martin Cardenas of Geico Suzuki took an uncharacteristic fifth.

“I felt really comfortable leading today. I tried to stay out in front as long as I could,” said Beaubier. “I felt like I had a little more in the first few sectors of the track than I did at the end, so I just pushed really hard. I’m at a loss for words. I was so happy to get pole position and a win. It felt really good.”

The battle out front was intense, with DiSalvo and Beaubier scrapping for the lead. Westby and Hayden were never far behind as the top four riders were well within one second of the lead for the majority of the race. DiSalvo began to slip in such close quarters, falling to fourth mid-race and never recovering. The win marks Beaubier’s first of the season. The Yamaha rider has experience highs and lows through the six rounds so far, facing injury and mechanical issues that have left him well outside the top ten, if able to race at all, as was the case at Road Atlanta. When running well though, Beaubier has been a regular fixture on the podium

Cardenas languished in seventh for much of the contest after a bad start left him well outside the front of the pack. By the checkers, the Colombian rider was over 16 seconds off the lead. Cardenas had only finished out of first-place twice before Race 1 at Barber; in the first race of Round 1 at Daytona and in Race 1 at Infineon where he crashed and came in 22nd.

Cardenas remains in the points lead after gathering up 16 points for his finish in Race 1. He is still 45 ahead of DiSalvo in second. Westby remains third in points after his impressive outing at Barber followed by Hayden just six points behind in fourth.

Daytona SportBike Race 1 podium with Cameron Beaubier  center  in first  Dane Westby  left  in second and Tommy Hayden  right  in third.
Daytona SportBike Race 1 podium with Cameron Beaubier (center) in first, Dane Westby (left) in second and Tommy Hayden (right) in third.

AMA Pro SportBike Barber Race 1 Results:
1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
2. Dane Westby (Suzuki)
3. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha)
4. Jason DiSalvo (Triumph)
5. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
6. Bobby Fong (Yamaha)
7. Benny Solis (Yamaha)
8. Jake Zemke (Ductati)
9. JD Beach (Yamaha)
10. Michael Beck (Yamaha)
11. Cory West (Suzuki)
12. Huntley Nash (Yamaha)
13. Joey Pascarella (Suzuki)
14. Austin Dehaven (Yamaha)
15. Fernando Amantini (Kawasaki) 

AMA Pro SportBike Points:
1. Martin Cardenas, 222
2. Jason DiSalvo, 177
3. Dane Westby, 167
4. Tommy Hayden, 161
5. Jake Zemke, 137
6. JD Beach, 124
7. Bobby Fong, 124
8. Cameron Beaubier, 121
9. Joey Pascarella, 119
10. Cory West, 107