HOGs Roll Down Historic Route 66

June 11, 2012
J.Joshua Placa
J. Joshua Placa
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J. Joshua Placa is the former editor of Cruising Rider magazine. He freelances for a number of moto publications and has contributed to national travel and adventure magazines, as well as major dailies. Whereabouts unknown, Placa is rumored to be holing up in a clapboard desert shack, chopper chained to his pet coyote, Stinky, and comfortably hiding from the Vatican.

Taking a ride down main street with a host of new friends.
Taking a ride down main street with a host of new friends.

Motorcycle USA Contributing Editor Josh Placa recently returned from the annual HOG Rally in Arizona. The H-D faithful make the pilgrimage to the small desert down of Williams, a stopover on the Mother Road, historic Route 66. Check out the teaser and accompanying photos below, with a full Arizona HOG Rally 2012 Report to follow. – MotoUSA Ed

There were, by unofficial count, some five-hundred or more proud participants of the Harley-Davidson lifestyle that rumbled into Williams, Arizona June 7 to 9 to suckle at the tar teat of the Mother Road.

Arizona’s HOG Rally, representing 13 Chapters statewide, held it’s annual reunion for the 10th time in Williams, which sits on a holdout piece of Historic Route 66. Williams was the last town in America to submit to the interstate bypass. It stubbornly fought the highway, relenting only when the feds agreed to provide no less than three exits to the tiny town, population now 3,200. Seems like there’s no better place to hold a biker rally than this rebel outpost.

Spanning decades, from Knuckleheads to CVO Twin Cams, chromed, buffed and polished Harleys slouched over their kickstands up and down the Mother Road in a united show of classic cool.

Founded in 1881, the small city looks much like it did more than a century ago. Old brick, stone and wood buildings shared the road with Milwaukee’s timeless machines. Harley’s classically styled motorcycles couldn’t be more at home. Plenty of riders came in from the four corners of Arizona, but many others came from California, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado. Some came from as far away as Kentucky and parts of Canada to enjoy the long, summery weekend full of music, dance, self-guided and guided rides to the area’s stunning natural wonders, bike games, and western barbecue.

Clear skies, fair winds and mild temps, a genuine bikers-welcome attitude, the occasional town weirdoes, scruffy saddle tramps and rat bikes added the usual color and character.

Grabbing a bite to eat at Cafe 66 in Williams  Arizona.
Grabbing a bite to eat at Cafe 66 in Williams, Arizona.
An ice cold beer hits the spot after a day of riding in the Arizona sun.
An ice cold beer hits the spot after a day cruising Route 66.

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