Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket Review

Bryan Harley | June 21, 2012
2012 Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket
Looking for some sporty new gear for the summer, but rockin’ a vest isn’t your style and a full-on leather riding jacket is too bulky and hot about now? Then check out the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket, the happy median between the two.
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Summer is upon us, which means it’s prime riding season. When the thermometer begins to rise outside, sometimes riders just don’t want to throw on a hot and heavy motorcycle riding jacket, but rockin’ a vest may not necessarily be their thing either. Leave it to the crew over at Icon to find the happy median between the two in the form of the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket.

They call it “Shorty” because it’s cut like a form-fitting, short-sleeve leather shirt. The first thing that impressed us about Icon’s Shorty 1000 is how comfortable it is. The Brazilian leather is super soft. In fact, I’d love to have a couch made of this stuff. I’d sleep like a baby. Super supple and full of that new leather smell.

The jacket fits comfortably without being too tight. We ordered the same size as a full-length jacket, an XL, and even though I’m fairly thick in the shoulders an XL fit perfectly – not too snug, but not loose and bulky either. There’s just enough extra space in the sleeves to allow my arms to breathe, too. The collar is cut low and doesn’t rub against a rider’s neck. It also has a pair of flex panels just behind the arms so whether you’re cruising around in an upright riding position or slung over the tank of a superbike, the Icon 1000 Shorty allows enough movement for both. The bottom hem of the jacket sits just below the waistline.

On the storage side, there are two hand-deep external side pockets with zippers which get most of the use. One fair-sized inner pocket that zips up also sits just inside the left lapel while another cell phone-sized pocket just below it has been built into the liner. Additionally, one just like it has been sewn into the right side. The Shorty’s comfort level gets an assist from the soft interior liner that has mesh panels matching up with the ventilated perforations in the exterior of the jacket. These perforated panels are strategically placed on the sides of the jacket, underneath the arms and between the shoulder blades. Though there are no closable vents, the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket vents well enough without them. This is a good thing since the only color it’s offered in is black.

Protection is minimal. The lone padding comes in the form of a D3O CE-approved back protector conveniently stored in its own pocket that’s stitched into the liner. It slides out easily through a slit located in the middle of the liner. There are no shoulder pads, which would have bastardized the good looks of this jacket. The leather, at its thickest 1.3mm, should help keep some skin on your bones, but we weren’t eager to put it to the crash test.

Looking for something different to wear at the next bike night or rally? Then the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket just might be for you. It’s a slick alternative to the tried-and-true biker jacket and is manly enough to sport around when you’re hanging with your patch-wearing, vested buddies. The Stealth Black version drops the Icon logos on the sleeves, but we dig the way Icon incorporated its logo into the 1000 motif. Icon’s 1000 series is the company’s marquee line, so as a member of this elite club, the price of the Icon Shorty 1000 Jacket reflects this exclusivity with its $400 MSRP. But you’re guaranteed not everybody is going to be sporting the same gear as you because Icon only made 1000 of them, and we’ve got one, so you’re already down to 999 chances to own one.

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MSRP – $400 – $450


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