Isle of Man Superbike TT Results 2012

June 2, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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John McGuinness won the Dainese Superbike event  marking the 18th TT win of his career.
John McGuinness took the win in the Isle of Man Superbike TT race, marking the 18th TT race victory  of his career.

John McGuinness claimed his 18th career TT victory at the Isle of Man, the Honda TT Legends rider winning Saturday’s Superbike TT. Wilson Craig Racing’s Cameron Donald scored second followed by Padgett’s MMGC Racing’s Bruce Anstey in third. This is the seventh Superbike/Formula One win for McGuinness who took the checkers by 14 seconds ahead of Donald.

“I set off number one, I had a clear road and there wasn’t anybody there to trip me up,” said McGuinness. “I got stuck in from the start and when I saw that Cameron was in front of me at the end of Lap 1 I just knew I needed to dig deep. Our crew in the pits are fantastic – they seem to have a magic wand that gets me out of there five seconds faster than anyone else so this is big credit to them. To compete in the TT and to finish a TT is incredible; to win one is amazing but to win 18, well I’m just lost for words.”

The morning was cool and cloudy, causing a 15-minute delay to the opening of the race. The TT Legends rider held the lead at Glen Helen by only 1.3 seconds over Donald. At Ballaugh, the Australian rider had closed the gap and was only behind by 0.15 seconds. By the end of the first lap, Donald had gained the lead by 0.2 seconds. McGuinness regained the lead on the second lap, but admitted after the race that he’d been cautious through the first.

Halfway into the race, the TT Legends rider led by six seconds and was able to make two seamless pit stops which helped extend his lead to 18 seconds. McGuinness was then able to concentrate on completing the race unscathed and even slowed a bit to avoid any mistakes.

Tyco Suzuki’s Guy Martin remained within a second of McGuinness and Donald through the first 38 miles of the race. Dealing with a rear wheel spindle problem that prevented a wheel change in the final laps, the Suzuki rider fell back and was forced to finish the final two laps on an already over-used Pirelli. Anstey was able to get past Martin for the podium on the fifth lap and held it to the finish.

Padgett’s Gary Johnson and Wilson Craig Racing’s William Dunlop were secure in fifth and sixth position at the finish with almost two minutes separating the two from seventh-place finisher James Hillier of Bournemouth Kawasaki. Swan Yamaha’s Ian Hutchinson took eighth followed by Ice Valley’s Dean Harrison and Hunt’s M/Cs Michael Dunlop who finished ninth and tenth respectively.

Cameron Donald held pace with McGuinness early in the Superbike race  but was unable to close the gap and took second-place.
Cameron Donald held pace with McGuinness early in the Superbike race, but couldn’t close the gap and took second.

Isle of Man Superbike TT Results 2012:
1. John McGuinness (Honda) 128.078mph
2. Cameron Donald  (Honda) 127.780mph
3. Bruce Anstey  (Honda) 126.938mph
4. Guy Martin  (Suzuki) 126.544mph
5. Gary Johnson  (Honda) 126.241mph
6. William Dunlop  (Honda) 125.887mph
7. James Hillier  (Kawasaki) 124.589mph
8. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 123.827mph
9. Dean Harrison (BMW) 123.272mph
10. Michael Dunlop  (Honda) 123.127mph
11. Dan Kneen 1000 (Suzuki) 123.067mph
12. Steve Mercer  (Honda) 122.621mph
13. Dan Stewart  (Honda) 122.471mph
14. David Johnson (Kawasaki) 121.964mph
15. Davy Morgan (Suzuki) 121.515mph

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