Isle of Man Superstock TT Results 2012

June 4, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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John McGuinness  center  took the win in Royal London 360 Superstock  followed by Michael Dunlop  left  in second and Ryan Farquhar  right  in third.
John McGuinness (center) took the win in IOMTT Royal London 360 Superstock, followed by Michael Dunlop (left) in second and Ryan Farquhar (right) in third.

Padgett’s MMCG Racing’s John McGuinness continued his assault on the Isle of Man TT record books by logging another win, this time in the Royal London 360 Superstock TT. McGuinness brings his career victory tally at the Isle to 19, his latest success notable as his first win in the Superstock class. McAdoo Racing’s Michael Dunlop followed in second over seven seconds behind and Ryan Farquhar rounded out the podium in third.

McGuinness held a slim lead through Lap 1 with Farquhar on his heels just 0.17 seconds behind. Tyco Suzuki’s Guy Martin maintained in third, but faced pressure from Padgett’s Bruce Anstey, winner of the day’s earlier Supersport race. Michael Dunlop sat in eighth place at the end of Lap 1.

By the end of Lap 2 McGuinness had increased his lead over Farquhar to almost four seconds. During the second lap the Honda rider reportedly faced a minor fuel problem but was able to complete his first pit stop and continue. The battle for podium position had shifted as Anstey moved up to third and Michael Donald rode steady in fourth. Dunlop had one paltry second to close in order to make it to third.

In Lap 3, McGuinness continued to further distance himself from the pack. By the end of the lap he was in front of Farquhar by over 14 seconds. The Kawasaki rider had other concerns as Michael Dunlop continued to charge forward, overtaking Anstey for third and chipping away at the 10 second gap that remained as the two headed into Lap 4.

In the final lap Dunlop posted a scorching 129.253 mph lap speed, the fastest of the race, and catapulted himself past Farquhar after the Dungannon man slowed due to an oil leak. McGuinness maintained his pace, picking up his speed from Lap 3 but riding conservatively compared to his opening laps to ensure enough fuel to finish. Farquhar was well ahead of Anstey who finished in fourth. Martin had closed a four second gap between himself and the New Zealand rider to less than a second at the finish and took fifth. Bournemouth Kawasaki’s James Hillier followed shortly after in sixth and Batham’s Kawasaki rider Michael Rutter took seventh.

McGuinness is now seven wins away from the all-time record of 26 held by legendary TT rider Joey Dunlop. Riding in the TT since 1996, he scored his first win in 1999 in the 250cc class. McGuinness is the current King of the Mountain with his record 131.578 mph lap speed set in 2009.

John McGuinness now has 19 TT wins to his credit.
John McGuinness on his way to his 19th career TT victory.

Isle of Man 360 Superstock TT Race
1. John McGuinness (Honda) 126.657 mph
2. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) 126.427 mph
3. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) 126.281 mph
4. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 125.593 mph
5. Guy Martin (Suzuki) 125.567 mph
6. James Hillier (Kawasaki) 125.445 mph
7. Michael Rutter (Kawasaki) 125.231 mph
8. Gary Johnson (Honda) 124.742 mph
9. Dan Stewart (Honda) 124.610 mph
10. Cameron Donald (Honda) 124.548 mph
11. Ian Hutchinson (Yamaha) 123.107 mph
12. Stefano Bonetti (Kawasaki) 122.686 mph
13. David Johnson (Kawasaki) 122.341 mph
14. Ian Mackman (Kawasaki) 122.261 mph
15. Adrian Archibald (Kawasaki) 121.930 mph

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