MCSS SuperSport Road America Update

June 7, 2012
By Devon McDonough

Motorcycle-Superstore sponsored rider Devon McDonogh signs autographs for fans at Road America.
Motorcycle Superstore sponsored SuperSport rider Devon McDonough signs autographs for fans at Road America.

I was really looking forward to Road America. With such a short time between last weekend’s Miller round, I was stoked that I didn’t have to wait long to ride again. I made some mistakes at Miller that cost me a few places; I really just wanted right back on the track to ride hard for my team. They have been working hard to make the bikes perfect and I wanted to show them some appreciation for their work.

Road America is a track that suits me well, Fast and flowing. I started the weekend well in Practice finishing in 12th. Having never been here I felt really comfortable with my pace. When Qualifying came I focused on being smooth and not making any mistakes. Each lap I was getting faster. With 15 minutes left we put on a soft tire and I dropped 1.3 seconds off my time and qualified 11th.

Both races were almost identical for me. Good starts, rode in a group fighting for eighth thru 14th. All of the riders were on about the same pace, after half way 2-3 of us pulled away and both races came down to the last lap. Race 1 was I was able to make up a full second on Ryan Matter and Ty Linders in the last lap as they were battling in front of me. I pushed hard into the last turn and just throttled hard up the hill towards the finish line. Although I set my fastest lap of the weekend, I ended up 0.378 out of eighth place and 0.008 out of ninth. Tenth place was a great start to the weekend and after crashing my “A” bike just hours before in Q2 in a very fast section of the track, I was happy to just be on the track!

Race 2 was Identical to Race 1. This time the group was slightly different. But the battle was the same, a lot of place swapping and everyone trying to break away from the others. Again it was to come down to the last lap. I was right behind Ryan and Cody Wyman going into Turn 1 and wanted to get by them both. I set Cody up going into Turn 5 and slipped underneath him to take his spot. I really pushed to set myself up to get by Ryan as we entered the last turn but couldn’t quite get in front of him. We drag raced up the hill and again I lost out by only 0.041. All in all it was a great weekend. I can’t thank all my sponsors enough. Without them we would not be here.

A big thank you to Motorcycle Superstore, Alpinestars , FMF Pipes, SDS Performance, RSR Racing, Raw NRG, Galfer, Evol Technologies, Lyon Tech, Dunlop, Loud art, Bell Helmets, Cox Radiator guards, Silkolene, Vortex , Blowsion designs and my parents for all of their support.