SuperBike Barber Race 1 Results 2012

June 23, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Josh Hayes  1  had to keep teammate Josh Herrin  2  in check as the rookie SuperBike rider pressured the points leader in both races.
Josh Hayes (1) earned his fourth consecutive race win this season after taking the checkers in Race 1 at Barber.

Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes earned his first AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike class victory at Barber Motorsports Park after taking the checkers in Race 1. Hayes’ teammate Josh Herrin put forth a valiant effort, keeping pace with the Mississippi native until the final laps of the contest. By the finish, Herrin was over five seconds behind in second-place followed by Yoshimura Suzuki’s Blake Young in third. Team Amsoil’s Geoff May came in just a fraction of a second off the podium in fourth and National Guard Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Hayden rounded out the top five.

Hayes came off the start in first and remained out front for the entire race, earning his fourth consecutive SuperBike race win. Herrin, in his rookie SuperBike season, has shown considerable improvement over the first six rounds and was the only rider in the field to pressure Hayes for the win.

“I got to the point where I did a couple pretty good laps and I didn’t get away from him,” Hayes said of Herrin. “I could hear him right behind me. It probably took five or six laps before I started looking at his board, and once I realized it was just the two of us, I kind of relaxed a little bit. I figured my lines are pretty hard to pass around here and I knew grip wasn’t that good.”

Herrin added, “It was an awesome race. I was learning every lap. Every time I ride this bike I learn more and more. It’s starting to be an amazing bike for me. At the beginning of the year, I don’t want to say I struggled, but I wasn’t where I am now. I put a lot of hard work in and my crew is trying to make this bike adapt to me.”

SuperBike Race 1 podium with Josh Hayes  center  in first  Josh Herrin  left  in second and Blake Young  right  in third.
SuperBike Race 1 podium with Josh Hayes (center) in first, Josh Herrin (left) in second and Blake Young (right) in third.

Young shot up from sixth to third at the opening, but was unable to make a dent in the gap formed by the two Yamaha riders out front, ending over 14 seconds off the lead. “It was pretty lonely. I ended up third place today, started sixth. I’ve obviously been struggling; I don’t think I did any quicker laps in the race than I’ve gone all weekend long.”

May rallied late in the race to close a gap on Young for podium position after fending off pressure from Hayden, but fell short of third by a slim margin of 0.893. Hayden was in the mix out front in the first laps, along with fellow Jordan Suzuki rider Ben Bostrom, but couldn’t keep the pace to contend for a top-three finish. Bostrom crashed out early and didn’t return to the race after starting from the front row, further frustrating the Suzuki rider’s pursuit of his first podium of the year.

Foremost Insurance’s Larry Pegram came in a comfortable sixth, followed by Team Hero’s Danny Eslick in seventh and Young’s teammate Chris Clark in eighth. Performance’s Steve Rapp broke the top ten, finishing in ninth-place.

Hayes retains the points lead ahead of Young by 31 points after Race 1. Herrin continues to hold steady in third as he tries to close the substantial gap between himself and Young. Hayden sits fourth, but is facing pressure from May just one point behind in fifth. Bostrom’s early end dropped him from seventh overall to ninth.

AMA Pro SuperBike Barber Race 1 Results:
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
2. Josh Herrin (Yamaha)
3. Blake Young (Suzuki)
4. Geoff May (EBR)
5. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)
6. Larry Pegram (BMW)
7. Danny Eslick (EBR)
8. Chris Clark (Suzuki)
9. Steve Rapp (Kawasaki)
10. David Anthony (Suzuki)
11. Robertino Piertri (Suzuki)
12. Jordan Burgess (Suzuki)
13. Reese Wacker (Suzuki)
14. Sean Dwyer (Suzuki)
15. Tim Bemisderfer (Suzuki)

AMA Pro SuperBike Points:
1. Josh Hayes, 289
2. Blake Young, 258
3. Josh Herrin, 176
4. Roger Hayden, 142
5. Geoff May, 141
6. Larry Pegram, 138
7. Danny Eslick, 121
8. Chris Clark, 120
9. Ben Bostrom, 111
10. Steve Rapp, 101