Thunder Valley WMX Results 2012

June 2, 2012
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Jessica Patterson extended her points lead with a 1-1 finish at Thunder Valley.
Jessica Patterson pulled away in the title chase with a clean sweap in Colorado.

Jessica Patterson came into Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Pro WMX Championship with the sour taste of defeat in her mouth. The Rockstar Suzuki rider had the entire day on lock as she posted the fastest qualifying time by over a second and headed into the two-moto format with victory in her sights.

JP’s RM-Z250 rocketed out to the lead in Moto 1 with championship rival Ashley Fiolek in tow. Patterson led all eight laps for the opening moto win while Fiolek claimed second on her factory Muscle Milk Honda and Tarah Geiger claimed in third for TLD Honda. Mariana Balbi started in fourth but eventually slipped down to sixth, allowing Jacqueline Strong and Sara Pettersson to overtake her.

Patterson extended her points lead in Colorado with a sweep at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park and 50 championship points. The Suzuki rider built a small cushion in the title chase as Ashley Fiolek finished third on the day with a mediocre second moto, and Tarah Geiger landed in second.

Fiolek looked ready to retaliate in Moto 2 as she took the point position. The CRF250R pilot went down on Lap 3 which dropped her to 10th in the WMX field. The defending champion was able to rebound for sixth which put her on the overall podium at the end of the day. Geiger inherited the lead with the mistake, but she couldn’t hold off Patterson who took over on Lap 5 and went to the checkers. Patterson now has a 16-point lead over Fiolek with Geiger (second overall) another 11 points back.

2012 Thunder Valley WMX Results:

Ashley Fiolek took third overall in Womens Motocross at Thunder Valley.
Fiolek fought back from a Moto 2 crash and salvaged valuable championship points.

1. Jessica Patterson (Suzuki) 1-1
2. Tarah Geiger (Honda) 3-2
3. Ashley Fiolek (Honda) 2-6
4. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Honda) 7-3
5. Jacqueline Strong (KTM) 4-5
6. Mariana Balbi (Honda) 6-4
7. Sara Pettersson (KTM) 5-7
8. Alaxah Pearson (KTM) 8-11
9. Sade Allender (Honda) 12-9
10. Amanda Brown (Honda) 11-10
11. Christina Reed (Yamaha) 9-13
12. Brianna DeGray (KTM) 10-14
13. Kasie Creson (Honda) 20-8
14. Alyssa Fitch (KTM) 17-12
15. Ashley Boham (Kawasaki) 14-15

2012 AMA Motocross WMX Championship Points:
1. Jessica Patterson, 141
2. Ashley Fiolek, 125

3. Tarah Geiger, 114
4. Sayaka Kaneshiro, 99
5. Mariana Balbi, 88
6. Jacqueline Strong, 82
7. Meghan Rutledge, 78
8. Sara Pettersson, 76
9. Kasie Creson, 75
10. Sade Allender, 52

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