2013 Victory Motorcycles Preview

July 20, 2012
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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8-Ball  corner pocket. Victory brings back two blacked-out 8-Ball models for 2013 thus far  the 2013 Victory Hammer 8-Ball and the 2013 Vegas 8-Ball.
8-Ball, corner pocket. Victory brings back two blacked-out 8-Ball models for 2013 thus far, the 2013 Victory Hammer 8-Ball and the 2013 Vegas 8-Ball.

Over the last couple of weeks, Victory Motorcycles has been trickling out information about its 2013 model line with full disclosure coming July 30. The Medina, Minnesota-based manufacturer’s offerings to date have been broken down into three categories, Victory Cruisers, Baggers, and Touring models. Just as in the past, it appears that all Victory models will continue to be powered by the proprietary Freedom 106/6 V-Twin mated to a six-speed gearbox with overdrive.

The Vegas 8-Ball, one of Victory’s most affordable bikes, has classic cruiser styling and generally sports a low seat height to go along with its blacked-out treatment. Look for the 2013 Vegas 8-Ball to continue in that vein. Victory’s muscle bike, the Hammer 8-Ball, returns for 2013, its Freedom 106 draped in black. The Hammer 8-Ball gets its power cruiser chops from a stubby raised rear fender that shows off its meaty 250mm backside. The fender includes a removable passenger cowl in case you want to take a friend along for the ride. Victory’s hot-selling High-Ball is back for another run, the cruiser sporting factory Apehanger handlebars, laced wheels, thick whitewalls and a bobbed front fender. And then there’s the 2013 Victory Judge, which got the jump on the rest of the lineup when it was introduced as an early model year release back in January of 2012. With a thick chunk of Dunlop rubber on the front, a skinny 140mm backside, and drag bars, we can vouch for the bike’s attributes after declaring it the winner in a head-to-head with Harley’s 2012 Fat Bob.

The 2013 Victory Baggers line consists of the popular Cross Country in three different colors in addition to the anti-establishment, high-barred Hard-Ball. All Victory Baggers come with ABS and cruise control standard. The Cross Country and Hard-Ball sport two-piece cast aluminum frames and solid-mounted engines that serve as a stressed member of the frame. Big, plush seats, floorboards, and healthy-sized saddlebags with a claimed 21 gallons of storage provide long-range potential. The Antifreeze Green version of the 2013 Cross Country has extra chrome trim and a custom-style paint job with black flames. The Solid Black version gets tubular instead of forged highway bars while the Sunset Red version has blacked-out trim, including black tubular highway bars and drivetrain cases. The Hard-Ball has its fist-in-the-face of conformity factory Apehangers, Suede Black paint from fender to fender, and 18-inch black laced wheels.

We dont know where they came up with Antifreeze Green for one of the new colorways for the 2013 Victory Cross Country  but we like it!
The 2013 Victory Cross Country is available in this eye-catching Antifreeze Green with black flames and has extra chrome trim.

Victory’s Cross Country does double time as a touring model as well, the 2013 Cross Country Tour seeing the addition of a topcase, a full passenger backrest with its own heating and audio controls, and a trick wind management system. The Cross Country Tour also has 41 gallons of storage, the most space you’ll find on a factory bike according to Victory. The 2013 version will be offered in Solid Black, Boardwalk Blue and Bronze Mist. The 2013 Victory Vision is the company’s fully dressed luxury touring model. A tall, electronically adjustable windscreen, heated grips, heated seats, and an audio system all aim to give the rider a pleasurable riding experience. We’ve spent plenty of miles in the Vision’s saddle and have always been impressed with its handling and comfort. The 2013 Victory Vision will also be available in three color schemes, including Solid Black, two-tone Gold Mist Metallic/Bronze Mist, and Sunset Red and Black with black carbon graphics.

Victory has also been running a teaser video for the latest addition to its family, the 2013 Boardwalk. In it, a gentleman stuck in the daily grind of the 9-5 finds escape by getting out of the city and hitting the countryside aboard Victory’s new ride. The only thing we can glean from the video is a long, tire-hugging rear fender ala the Kingpin, but be on the lookout for more info on July 30th when Victory releases info on all of its 2013 models.

Among them, we anticipate there will be three more models customized by the Ness clan, Arlen, Cory and Zach. Victory has an autograph session planned with the trio scheduled for Aug. 5 and Aug. 8 in Sturgis at 3rd and Lazelle, so we believe it’s safe to assume the upcoming unveiling will once again feature three Victory’s with the Ness touch.