AMA SuperSport Laguna Seca Results 2012

July 28, 2012
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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James Rispoli in SuperSport practice at Laguna Seca.
The SuperSport podium was made up of second place finisher Hayden Gillim  left   winner James Rispoli  center   and third place finisher Garrett Willis  right .
Gillim and Rispoli congatulate each other after Saturdays SuperSport race at Laguna Seca.
(Top) James Rispoli won the SuperSport race with a draft pass down the main straightaway. (Center) The SuperSport podium finishers (from left to right) Gillim, Rispoli, and Willis. (Bottom) Gillim and Rispoli congatulate each other after Saturday’s SuperSport race at Laguna Seca.

James Rispoli beat the 40-plus rider field in Saturday’s 16-lap AMA SuperSport race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Rispoli, who competes aboard a Suzuki GSX-R600, road a clean race besting Hayden Gillim via draft maneuver at the finish line by three-hundredths of a second. Both Rispoli and Gillim were basically in a race of their own with both riders able to lap in the 1’29-second range through traffic in the final laps.

It wasn’t easy though as Gillim stalked him for much of the race finally finding an opportunity for a pass on the final lap. It appeared as Gillim would come away with the win until Rispoli drove up along side him off the final turn.

“As soon as he got by, I tried to get the run back and pass him,” said Rispoli. “Through Rainey Curve, I wasn’t close enough but I thought, ‘This isn’t over.’ Once I saw him a smidge off line, I was on the gas trying to make a run.”

The final podium position went to Garrett Willis, the first of his career. Pole sitter, Dustin Dominguez crashed out early in the race and was credited with 44th place. 
AMA SuperSport Laguna Seca Race Results:
1. James Rispoli (Suzuki)
2. Hayden Gillim ( Yamaha)
3. Garrett Willis (Kawasaki)
4. Jake Lewis (Suzuki)
5. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
6. Stephano Mesa (Yamaha)
7. Elena Myers (Suzuki)
8. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha)
9. Sebastiao Ferreira (Yamaha)
10. Travis Ohge (Yamaha)
11. Ryan Matter (Yamaha )
12. Wyatt Farris (Yamaha )
13. Matthew Sadowski (Suzuki)
14. Colter Dimick (Yamaha )
15. Javelin Broderick (Yamaha )
16. David Sadowski, Jr. (Suzuki)
17. Charles Weaver (Yamaha)
18. Tyler Linders (Yamaha)
19. Nadr Riad (Yamaha)
20. Zach Herrin (Yamaha)
21. Devon McDonough (Yamaha)
22. Lucas Huff (Yamaha )
23. Sahar Zvik (Yamaha )
24. Roi Holster (Yamaha)
25. Thomas G. Montano (Honda)
26. Matt Schrag (Yamaha)
27. Neill Herbert (Yamaha)
28. Oscar Covarrubias (Kawasaki)
29. Loren Black (Yamaha)
30. Bruce Bleecker (Yamaha)
31. Michael Pond (Yamaha)
32. Danielle Diaz (Suzuki)
33. JC Gibbs (Yamaha)
34. Greg Schmidt (Ducati)
35. Jorge Castro (Yamaha)
36. Marcus Wilkerson (Yamaha)
37. Nick Grice (Yamaha)
38. Ricky Brown (Suzuki)
39. Jon Appelt (Yamaha)
40. Ryan Haddock (Yamaha)
41. Luke Luciano (Yamaha)
42. Howard Crow (Ducati)
43. Aaron Hersh (Yamaha)
44. Dustin Dominguez (Triumph)
45. Josh Chisum (Honda)
46. Jacob Brown (Yamaha)
47. Andrew Artola (Yamaha)

SuperSport West Championship Points:
1. James Rispoli, 279
2. Hayden Gillim, 219
3. Elena Myers, 169
4. Ryan Matter, 104
5. Tyler Linders, 93
6. Sebastiao Ferreira, 90
7. Travis Ohge, 87
8. Garrett Willis, 68
9. Colter Dimick, 48
10. Devon McDonough, 44

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