Bautista Penalized for Assen Incident

July 2, 2012
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Alvaro Bautista and Jorge Lorenzo crashed on Turn 1 of the race.
Alvaro Bautista taking out Jorge Lorenzo in the Assen TT on Turn 1 of the race. Bautista was penalized for the incident.

During the Assen TT round of MotoGP, San Carlo Gresini’s Alvaro Bautista took out current championship points leader Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha Factory Racing in the first turn of the race. As a result of the incident, FIM Stewards and Race Direction investigated Bautista and imposed a penalty for riding in an “irresponsible manner, causing danger to rider Jorge Lorenzo which is an infringement to the article N. 1.21.2 of the 2012 FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix regulations.”

San Carlo Honda Gresini submitted an appeal to the penalty, but FIM Stewards affirmed the decision of Race Direction which means Bautista will start from last position on the grid in the next race at Sachsenring on July 8, 2012.

As a result of the incident, Lorenzo sustained a severely sprained right ankle. The Yamaha rider didn’t seek immediate medical attention, but the following day doctors told him he was lucky not have broken his ankle. He has been deemed fit to race at Sachsenring and will be working to regain the outright points lead.

In the heat of the moment after the crash Lorenzo railed against Bautista, but after cooling said he has accepted Bautista’s apology and holds no grudge against the Honda rider.

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