Daytona SportBike Laguna Seca Results 2012

July 29, 2012
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Tommy Hayden scored third-place in Daytona SportBike at Laguna Seca.
Jake Zemke just missed the podium in Daytona SportBike  finishing fourth at Laguna Seca.
Daytona SportBike podium with Cameron Beaubier  center  in first  Martin Cardenas  left  in second and Tommy Hayden  right  in third.
(Top) Tommy Hayden finished third after trailing Martin Cardenas for much of the race. (Center) Jake Zemke rode well at Laguna coming from behind to finish fourth. (Bottom) Daytona SportBike podium with Cameron Beaubier (center) in first, Martin Cardenas (left) in second and Tommy Hayden (right) in third.

Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier narrowly won Sunday’s 16-lap Daytona SportBike race over Martin Cardenas and Tommy Hayden with a daring double pass maneuver into Laguna Seca’s Turn 2 on the final lap.

“I was trying to be patient during the race, but I wanted so bad to lead it,” said the excited 19-year-old, Beaubier. “On the last lap, I tried to go around the outside in turn one, and that got me set up to make an inside pass in turn two. That pass stuck, and I brought it home for the win. It’s been a tricky weekend for us here at Laguna Seca, with not as much track time as I’d like. My entire crew worked hard, and I’m really glad to get the win for them.”

Cardenas was in command of the race right from the get-go with the Suzuki rider nailing the holeshot and leading every single lap until Beaubier made the decisive move with only a few turns to go. Much of the race was processional with Cardenas out in front, followed by Hayden, Bobby Fong and Jake Zemke, who caught the lead group from a ways back.

Slower traffic came into play on Lap 12 with the top-three cutting through with the least amount of problems. Fong and Zemke had a little bit more trouble slicing through the field. Moments later Fong crashed solo when his front Dunlop tire lost grip at corner entry.
This made it a three-way battle at the front. On the final lap Tommy Hayden tried to run it up on the inside coming into Turn 2 but Cardenas held his position—until Beaubier came creeping by on the far inside.

AMA Daytona SportBike Laguna Seca Race Results:
1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
2. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
3. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha)
4. Jake Zemke (Ducati)
5. Jake Gagne (Yamaha)
6. Corey West (Suzuki)
7. Benny Solis (Yamaha)
8. Joey Pascarella (Suzuki)
9. JD Beach (Yamaha)
10. Fernando Amantini (Kawasaki)
11. Tyler O’Hara (Yamaha)
12. David Gaviria (Yamaha)
13. Aaron Gobert (Yamaha)
14. Michael Beck (Yamaha)
15. Ben Young (Yamaha)
16. Huntley Nash (Yamaha)
17. Tommy Aquino (Yamaha)
18. Dane Westby (Suzuki)
19. Josh Galster (Yamaha)
20. Ted Rich (Yamaha)
21. Chris Duran (Yamaha)
22. Melissa Paris (Suzuki)
23. Bobby Fong (Yamaha)
24. Matthew Presting (Yamaha)
25. Bryce Prince (Yamaha)
26. Nahun Alvarez (Yamaha)
27. Brian Pinkstaff (Kawasaki)

Daytona SportBike Championship Points:
1. Martin Cardenas, 314
2. Dane Westby, 250
3. Cameron Beaubier, 234
4. Tommy Hayden, 234
5. Jason DiSalvo, 194
6. Jake Zemke, 184
7. JD Beach, 178
8. Bobby Fong, 162
9. Cory West, 158
10. Joey Pascarella, 154

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