JT Racing to Debut 2013 Gear at Washougal

July 20, 2012
JT RACING USA is excited to report that after much industry anticipation, Mike Alessi is set to debut out all-new 2013 Evolve Protek Collection at Washougal this weekend.

JT Racing
JT Racing will debut its 2013 gear with Mike Alessi this weekend at Washougal. Be sure to look out for it.

Daniel Sandstedt, Chief Executive Officer of JT Racing commented, “Washougal is MotoConcepts home race and we thought that this would be the ideal location to showcase what we have in store for 2013. What you will see this weekend on the track is just the tip of the iceberg on a wide range of products that will undoubtedly solidify JT’s place on the market.”
Senior designer Josh Rogers states, “We have worked exceptionally hard to produce motocross gear that includes many industry first features yet pats homage to JT’s history. We have incorporated cutting edge design and technology with functionality, that has been tested by professional riders in every stage of design process, to ensure we deliver a product that will become an industry benchmark.”

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ABOUT JT RACING USA – Launched by John and Rita Gregory in the late 1960’s, JT Racing ruled the motocross world for decades. JT was the gear of choice for legends like Smith, Hannah, Johnson, Lechien, and Baily. JT Racing returned to the sport it helped build with an innovative 2012 line of motocross gear: pants, gloves, jersey and a trick new helmet not only reminiscent of the ground-breaking ALS-02 of the early 1980’s, but one that will make you rethink helmet technology. With many past champions – Glover, LaPorte, Sun, Gibson, Lechien and Hansen – developing, testing, and promoting the new line of gear, JT Racing is poised to unleash the style and innovation that will once again become the gold standard in motocross. JT Racing USA – Hostory. Innovation. And heart.

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