MotoOptics Blitz Goggle Review

Frankie Garcia | July 12, 2012
Moto Optics Blitz goggle.
With a choice of four different handlebar positions  two footpeg positions  and virtually unlimited ignition mapping capabilities  the KX450F is able to adapt to changing track and surface conditions.
(Top) MotoOptics may not be the most popular goggles in the pits but they provide the same amount of quality as the top competitors.
(Bottom) Scott Simon sports a set of MotoOptic goggles during our recent 2013 Kawasaki KX450F First Ride.

Clear vision and good eye protection are two of the most important assets to having a fun and safe ride. When riding motocross or off-road, a solid performing set of goggles is always a must. MotoOptics by MotoConcepts knows this and has created an awesome goggle package for serious riders and racers.

Just before we hit the road for the 2013 Kawasaki KX450F First Ride, MotoUSA grabbed a hold of the MotoOptics Blitz goggle. We were in awe before we even opened the up the deluxe bundle of eye protection. A clear plastic tube that offers a 360-degree view of the product also includes a slim cardboard box that contains a 10 pack of tear-offs, a goggle bag, and clear lens as an alternative to the standard mirrored tinted lens. All the goggle necessities come in one set which makes things easy rather than having to purchase it all separately. While the complete package is nice, it comes with a pricetag of $79.95.

The goggle frame is constructed of flexible polyurethane with an outrigger system to provide even distribution of pressure for a better fit. A cushy 18mm of four-layer foam provides comfort against the rider’s face as well as sweat absorption. The lens is coated with anti-fog and anti-scratch surface and features built in tear-off posts. The strap includes three beads of silicone for a non-slip surface against a helmet.

When first putting on the goggles we noticed the frame is nice and wide, providing great peripheral vision, but it was also not as tall as other brands out there. The vertical shortness wasn’t a problem once riding, just something different at first. The foam and fit to the face would have been A+ material if it weren’t for the thick foam around the nose causing pinching of the nostrils, making breathing difficult when pounding out a hard moto if your nose is large. Although the thick foam has its negatives, on a positive note it soaks up sweat like no other. The appearance of the MotoOptics goggle is excellent with its cool graphics, mirrored lens, and trendy strap.

Although they may be on the expensive side, a set of goggles is not all you’re getting. Provided in the slick package is everything you need to get you by for numerous riding trips in various conditions day, night, rain, or shine. MotoOptics goggles perform up to the level that would be expected from a premium set of eye protection. We enjoyed the sweat absorption on hot day from the MotoOptics units and they are now on the short list for summertime shredding for the MotoUSA crew.

MotoOptics Blitz goggles can be purchased from MotoConcepts.

MSRP is $79.95

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