Perris Raceway Currently Closed

July 18, 2012
Courtesy of Motocross FAST
The 350 SX-F offers 250-like handling with top-end engine power similar to that of the 450 class.
Perris Raceway is one of MotoUSA’s favorite test tracks and hopes to see it reopen very soon.

The Milestone MX Owners who’s Facility is a member of Motocross FAST had a purchase option to buy an interest in the Facility known as Perris Raceway. Upon receiving a default notice for non-payment for an option of an interest in Perris Raceway, the Milestone owners, Francisco Bagues and Jesus Chain have locked themselves in the facility rather than pay the demand that was delivered to them on July 9th, 2012.

The attorney for Motocross FAST Inc., Andrew Greenfield, stated,

“We believe Mr. Chain and Mr. Bagues have clearly acted illegally and we will respond with appropriate legal action to address their wrongful conduct immediately. We are obviously disappointed with the actions of these gentlemen who do not share our concern about the riders at Perris Raceway, including FAST members. In the meantime, we want to assure everyone who enjoys riding at Perris Raceway that we will do our best using methods to restore normal operations as soon as possible.”

Perris Raceway management and Motocross FAST made a decision to avoid any more drama and potential threat of harm to the riders and staff by allowing Andrew Greenfield to handle the amateurish actions of the Milestone owners within the judicial system.

Any messages that you may receive from Constant Contact are not from the management of FAST until further noticed. Please send any questions to and you will receive a prompt response.

More information to follow.